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Enhance Your Ride with RIDE COMMAND


Take your off-road experience to the next level with the power of RIDE COMMAND, the original nationwide off-road mapping system with over a million miles of verified trails and unique features. This technology is free for all riders in the app, online or in your vehicle.


Having your machine equipped with RIDE COMMAND+ takes all guesswork out of owning it. Check your vehicle’s health, location and maintenance schedule all from the palm of your hand. Available on select models.


Ride Together

Keep track, communicate, navigate and stay connected with fellow riders even on the most remote adventure. Send messages to your group on or offline and use the Follow the Leader feature to select a group leader.

Discover New Trails

With over a million miles of trails available offline, you'll have the confidence to explore further, whether you have cellular coverage or not. Easily download any available trail data and access location information surrounding both private and public land.

Save Time with Route Planning

RIDE COMMAND makes planning your route and on-board navigation easy by points of interest and waypoints to make the most of your off-road adventure.

Share Your Epic Adventures

Save and share your rides with friends or with the Polaris Community even after you're done hitting the trails. Relive the experience with 3D flyovers that show photos of your ride, bringing it back to life.

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Like Mission Control for Your Outdoor Adventures

Ways to Connect

Enjoy the confidence to plan your best rides, track your unforgettable journeys, and share your epic adventures with multiple access points to RIDE COMMAND technology.

In-Dash Display

The In-Dash Display powered by RIDE COMMAND allows you to control your vehicle using industry-leading technology. With configurable gauge views, glove-touch compatibility and easy-to-switch features, you're in for a ride that's almost as smart as you.

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RIDE COMMAND+ is enhanced technology that delivers all the great features of RIDE COMMAND, plus a whole new level of connectivity, including remote vehicle location services, vehicle-health monitoring, and more.

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Polaris App

The ultimate free tool for any off-road enthusiast, our app lets you bring RIDE COMMAND technology wherever your adventure leads. Input your vehicle and access all RIDE COMMAND features—right from the palm of your hand.

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The RIDE COMMAND website is the most detailed hub for any off-road rider. It allows you to access the latest trail data and RIDE COMMAND features while logged in to your Polaris account.

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Go Mobile

Put the plan in your pocket and go with the Polaris App powered by RIDE COMMAND. With Snap to Trail and Snap to Track features, experience increased route accuracy and decreased ride planning time. Effortlessly prepare for your next adventure and unlock RIDE COMMAND technology anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Capabilities

Additional features available via the In-Dash Display, web, and Polaris app powered by RIDE COMMAND.

Keep Organized Records of Vehicle Care

Create a Polaris account and add your vehicle to the Garage to keep detailed maintenance records. Continue to build your virtual Garage to stay up to date with the latest information tailored to your specific vehicle, including RIDE COMMAND software updates.

Never Lose Your Way

With over a million miles of trails available on and offline, easily stay on route with GPS navigation and pre-downloaded maps. Whether you have cellular connection or not, you'll always know where to go.

Personalized Audio Experience

Seamlessly pair to your display powered by RIDE COMMAND via Bluetooth to wirelessly stream music and stay connected with call and text alerts. New automatic volume control adjusts your volume to your speed based on 3 mode selection.

Have Eyes on Everything

Whether navigating over rocky terrain or connecting a trailer, you'll know how to navigate with full view of your surroundings.