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2024 RZR Pro R



2024 RZR Pro R


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Out-Thrill Them All

Unleash a force of nature with RZR Pro R, an off-road beast with a desert-winning track record from SCORE to DAKAR. Destroy dunes and annihilate whoops with revolutionary power and incredible strength that leaves others in your dust.

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RZR Pro R is a powerful new breed of 2- or 4-seat side-by-side. It has got the largest factory engine ever dropped into a performance side-by-side and an exceptional capacity to power custom accessories.

ProStar Fury 2.0

The saying goes "there's no replacement for displacement." This is the kind of power you've been dreaming of: two liters, four cylinders, 16 valves and 225 horses. All perfectly optimized for desert performance with a naturally aspirated design that's cooler running, balanced and reliable.

Throttle Modes

Throttle response is instantaneous and pedal mapping is up to you with selectable drive modes for sport cruising, rock crawling and flat out flying.

Accessory Power

RZR Pro R makes it easy to add power hungry accessories with a 1700-Watt Alternator, auxiliary battery and 6-position pulse bar for plug and play convenience.


RZR pioneered the sport of side-by-side performance. No side-by-side has covered more miles of dune and desert terrain and no brand has more history.

Wide Stance

74" stance for stability

Leading Suspension

29" of usable travel

Max Clearance

16" of ground clearance

Game Changer

Rewriting the rules of side-by-side performance isn't just making one thing better, it’s about challenging everything. Innovation starts here.

Unrivaled Comfort

A RZR Pro R is more than just unmatched capability and unbeatable performance, it's also built with industry-leading technology to enhance your off road adventures.

Spacious Cockpit

Whether you're behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, RZR Pro R has the roomiest cockpit in the industry with more leg room, more shoulder room and better sightlines.

Premium Audio

The Rockford Fosgate® high-output sound system fills the cockpit with thumping sound that’s perfectly tuned for the off road.

Leading Storage

With 5.4 gallons of purposeful storage for the drivers and passengers, everyone can pack what they need and be ready for anything.


Unlock integrated RIDE COMMAND in your vehicle's 7" display with the most sophisticated off-road GPS navigation system. Communicate, plan ahead and stay connected for a confident start and finish to every adventure.


Having your machine equipped with RIDE COMMAND+ takes all guesswork out of owning it. Check your vehicle’s health, location and maintenance schedule all from the palm of your hand. Available factory-installed on the RZR Pro R Ultimate.


Go for a deeper dive with the RZR engineers and learn how the RZR Pro R was built from the ground up to redefine the future of off-road performance.