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Allstate's coverage options include:

Bodily Injury Liability:

Covers things like medical expenses if someone is injured in an accident and you’re at fault.


Property Damage Liability:

Covers damages you cause to another person’s property if you’re at fault for the accident.


Collision Coverage:

Helps cover damages to your vehicle caused by a collision.


Comprehensive Coverage:

Helps cover damages to your vehicle caused by something other than collisions – like vandalism and theft.

Bundle your Polaris vehicles and save even more with Allstate policies.

Motorcycle & Slingshot Coverage
Motorcycle and Slingshot

Get protection from the company that truly understands riders’ needs. With features like the Rider Protection Package® and New Motorcycle Replacement, Allstate keeps riders riding.

ATV coverage

With an Allstate ATV policy, you’ll get more than just top-notch protection. Allstate offers a variety of coverage options to help you make sure you’re covered in the ways that matter to you.

Side by Side coverage

Get coverage for your side-by-side from the company that understands how you ride. From hauling wood to hauling through the forest, Allstate’s there to help keep you and your Polaris protected.

Snowmobile coverage

Allstate knows sled heads. That’s why we offer coverage for your Polaris snowmobile. No need to worry about breakdowns or tree stumps – Allstate’s got you and your sled covered.

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