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Overview of the Scoring of the World Record Buck

Polaris RANGER partnered with Outdoor Life to bring you the story of the world record Brewster Buck.


History's biggest bucks all have a story to tell within the score. Luke Brewster's new hunter-taken non-typical record is no exception. The buck net scored 327 7/8 inches overall. It had 39 points with 186 4/3 inches of abnormal antler. It had 34 inches of circumference credit. The giant "club" on the deer's left beam added 13 and 1/8 inches of abnormal antler to the score. The buck's sheds were found in 2016, and rough-scored 200 inches without the spread. That means within two years, the buck added more than 100 inches of antler. The Brewster buck was aged at 7.5 years old.