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Pro Armor Wheels & Tires

Take On Any Environment

Unleash the full potential of your Polaris XPEDITION by equipping it with high-performing, long-lasting Pro Armor tires. Then pair them with a set of Pro Armor wheels to add style and performance to your ride.


Want to take on any terrain but your stock tires just can't stand up to the job? Investing in a new set of tires is just what you need to achieve ultimate performance. From rec to work or taking on the extreme we have durable Pro Armor tires that will perform in any environment you decide to ride in.

Superior Lifelong Performance

Every tire is designed and constructed with longevity in mind
3,000+ mile rated

1. Premium Protection

  • Pro Armor makes tires with extra protection exactly where it's needed most - the side well
  • Triple-belted sidewalls keep your tires more resistant so you can keep going

2. Tough Tires

  • Higher ply ratings mean added protection
  • Pro Armor builds 8 or 10-ply rated tires for higher puncture-resistance

Looking to upgrade your wheels?

Consider the size, load rating and style when selecting the right wheels for your vehicle.

Determine the correct wheel height based on the size of your tire.

General load rating

Carry everything you need. The more you haul, the greater the load rating.

General wheel and tire style

Make your ride unique by selecting a custom style.