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RIDE COMMAND+ Features: Maintenance Reminders

The RIDE COMMAND+ Plug-In on your vehicle logs engine hours and mileage to help you keep track of where you should be in the maintenance interval schedule. Use the Polaris App to plan ahead, avoid unexpected down time and be reassured that you haven't missed anything important before heading out for a ride.

To take advantage of maintenance reminders, you must have a RIDE COMMAND+ subscription and an activated Plug-In. Read RIDE COMMAND+ for Off-Road Vehicles for more information about the subscription, Plug-In and other features. 

Depending on what notifications you've allowed, you'll receive a push and email notification when you near the next maintenance interval. You can customize these settings in the Notifications section of the main menu on the Polaris App or the Vehicle Notification section of the Garage page on the RIDE COMMAND website.

The Polaris App is available on the App Store® for iPhone® and iPad® and on Google Play® for Android®.

maintenance screen

A. Upcoming Service: The progress bar automatically syncs mileage with the RIDE COMMAND+ Plug-In on your vehicle to let you know what you need to complete next and how close you are to the upcoming maintenance interval. On this screen, you can tap DISMISS to clear a notification or MARK COMPLETE to create a maintenance record.

B. Recalls & Bulletins: View open recalls, bulletins or diagnostic codes for your vehicle.

C. Maintenance Schedule: Explore recommended maintenance intervals based on mileage and log maintenance. When you log maintenance, enter the miles, engine hours, who performed the maintenance and any notes. Tap SAVE to mark the service interval complete.

D. Maintenance Log: Look over past maintenance records and enter new maintenance records manually.

Scroll down past the Maintenance Schedule and Maintenance Log tiles to see the nearest dealers to your current location.

For more features, read RIDE COMMAND+ for Off-Road Vehicles
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The Polaris App is available on the App Store® for iPhone® and iPad® and on Google Play®
Visit the RIDE COMMAND website for additional information about features, displays and software/map updates. 

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