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DYNAMIX DV Semi-Active Suspension

DYNAMIX DV semi-active suspension offers the industry's first independent compression and rebound control. DYNAMIX DV is equipped on model year 2022 and newer RZR Pro R Ultimate and RZR Turbo R Ultimate models. 

DYNAMIX DV utilizes both a compression valve and a rebound valve to independently control damping across the suspension system’s full range of motion. The system controls everything from shock reaction to vehicle height for the ideal ride in any situation.

In addition to monitoring and controlling the suspension system, DYNAMIX DV reacts to vehicle inputs to automatically adjust power steering. By dampening the impact the wildest terrain has on the wheel, your hands and your body, the system gives you greater comfort, control and confidence.

Drive Modes
DYNAMIX DV semi-active suspension offers four drive modes: 

  • Comfort Mode: Features low compression and rebound damping for smooth, consistent performance. The power steering calibration is designed to minimize feedback, working with the suspension to deliver a comfortable, effortless drive. 
  • Baja Mode: Features high compression damping and low rebound damping. This creates a high dynamic ride height maintaining stability. The power steering calibration has been specifically design to eliminate bump steer and deliver response and feel through high speed desert terrain.
  • Track Mode: Features medium compression damping and high rebound damping. This ride mode optimizes the center of gravity for hard charging trails, with planted and confident handling. The racer inspired power steering calibration delivers superior feel to make the driver feel part of the machine. 
  • Rock Mode: Features the industry's first angle management system (AMS). The AMS uses DYNAMIX to lean the vehicle into the slope maintaining stability when crawling through rocky terrain. Paired with the AMS, the power steering is designed for minimal steering effort allowing for smooth control on the biggest rock trails.

Changing Modes
The UP and DOWN arrow buttons are used to cycle through the different modes.

ride modes

The momentary MAX FIRM (X) button is on the right. When this button is pressed, the suspension will immediately switch to maximum compression damping. The vehicle will maintain this setting if the button is continuously pressed. Once the button is released, maximum compression damping will persist temporarily and then revert back to the previous setting. Note: The system will prevent mode transitions when a current vehicle state is present (cornering, braking, or accelerating).

DYNAMIX DV Information Screen


(1) Current Suspension Ride Mode
(2) Accelerator Pedal Position
(3) Vehicle Speed
(4) Brake Status
(5) Current Damping Setting (shown as both a bar gauge and an integer for each shock)
(6) Active Vehicle Event State Pop-ups (Cornering, Braking, Accelerating, Airborne)
(7) Steering Angle
(8) G-Meter (vehicle lateral and longitudinal acceleration)

DYNAMIX Semi-Active Suspension
Some earlier vehicles are equipped with DYNAMIX semi-active suspension. For more information, read DYNAMIX Semi-Active Suspension Overview

For more information about your vehicle, consult your Owner's Manual.

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