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Connecting Bluetooth® Devices to 2019 and Newer RIDE COMMAND

By pairing a Bluetooth® device to your vehicle, you can accept calls and text messages, play music and more on your touchscreen display. 

Note: A Bluetooth®-paired headset must be connected to make and receive calls with RIDE COMMAND. You can pair one phone and one headset to the display synchronously. 

iPhone® Pairing
To connect an iPhone® to the RIDE COMMAND, follow these steps: 

1. In your iPhone® settings, turn on Bluetooth®. If available, make your phone discoverable to other devices in your phone's Bluetooth® settings.

2. On the RIDE COMMAND, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and click ADD DEVICE to enable the Bluetooth® pairing screen. When your phone appears on the display press the “+” button next to it.

3. A prompt will appear on your iPhone® requesting permission to pair with your phone.

4. Ensure the confirmation code on the screen and your phone are the same, and then press PAIR on your phone.

5. For optimal experience, enable notifications and sync contacts from your smartphone’s Bluetooth® settings.

Android® Pairing
To pair an Android® device to your RIDE COMMAND unit, follow these steps: 

1. From your smartphone settings, open the Bluetooth® options on your device and ensure that Bluetooth® is turned on.

Note: On some phones you have to make the phone visible to other devices. If your phone has this feature, it should show up on the Bluetooth® connection screen of your phone. If no option exists to make your phone visible to the display, it is already visible to the display.

2. On the RIDE COMMAND display, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth® and click ADD DEVICE to enable the Bluetooth® pairing pop-up screen. Select the device you want to pair and press OK. 

4. When your phone appears on the display press the “+” button next to it to pair with your phone.

5. Ensure the confirmation code on the screen and your phone are the same, and then press OK on your phone.

6. For optimal experience press ACCEPT on your phone when requested to access contacts and messages.

7. The display will now show a list of previously connected phones on the display. If it is unpaired, click on your phone from the list.

The video below walks you through how to connect your smartphone and Bluetooth® devices to your Polaris vehicle.

To Remove a Paired Device
Press phone button on the front of the display to go to the paired devices list.

2. Find the device you'd like to remove in the list and tap the red X on the right side of its row.

3. Tap Yes on the confirmation screen to forget (un-pair) the phone.

4. The paired devices list should no longer show that phone.

Compatible Headsets
Only a SENA®10R headset is officially supported by RIDE COMMAND. Other Bluetooth® headsets may work, but have not been tested, therefore, support cannot be offered. For pairing information, refer to the manufacturer instructions. 

You can use multiple headsets. You will Bluetooth® connect one headset to the RIDE COMMAND display. Using the “Bridge” feature on the SENA® headset, you will be able to sync the headsets together. For more information on this feature, please refer to your SENA® headset manual.

More information can be found in the RIDE COMMAND User's Guide.
Visit the RIDE COMMAND website to register your vehicle, update your software and learn more about RIDE COMMAND.
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