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Ranger Waterfowl Collection

Waterfowl Collection

As a hunter, conservationist and owner of premiere hunting destination Habitat Flats, Tony's collection is prime for waterfowl hunters. Featuring Mud XC tires, added storage and extra lighting, your RANGER will allow you to reach your ideal destination with ease.

Highlighted Accessories:

  • Polaris® PRO HD 4,500 Lb. Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery
  • Front Hood Storage Rack
  • Lock & Ride® CargoMax System
  • Pro Armor® Wheel & Tire Set: Mud XC - Shackle - Matte Black

Waterfowl Collection By Tony Vandermore

Learn more about Tony's collection of RANGER accessories, chosen by the professional hunter himself. Hear Tony's story and see how his RANGER Accessory Collection improves his hunting experience.

Ranger Waterfowl Collection Tony Vandermore
“I spend 6 months a year covered in sweat, diesel fuel and oil just to make sure the other six months of the year I’m covered in mud, blood and feathers.”
Tony Vandemore, Hunter and Owner of Habitat Flats

Sure-Footed Grip

Water and mud are synonymous with waterfowl hunting. Rely on the Pro Armor® Mud XC tires mounted on Shackle Wheels for the perfect packed-trail and mucky mud cross-over performer.

Ranger Waterfowl Collection

Stack 'Em High

Getting all your gear to the blind is essential for hunting success. The Lock & Ride® CargoMax System increases rear cargo storage and provides ample tie-down locations for decoys, bags, and all you need.

Ranger Waterfowl Collection

Added Protection And Additional Capacity

With decoys, guns, dog crates and more, there's plenty of gear to transport to and from your hunting destination. The Front Hood Storage Rack adds capacity and toughness to get you and your gear from point A to B.

Waterfowl Collection Accessories

Discover the complete Waterfowl Collection by Tony Vandemore


1. Work Beacon LED Light

2. In-Cab Gun Mount

3. Pro Amor® Wheel & Tire Set: Mud XC - Shackle - Matte Black

4. Pro Armor® 2"x2" Cube - LED Spot Light (x2)


5. Polaris® PRO HD 4,500 Lb. Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery

6. Front Hood Storage Rack

7. Lock & Ride® CargoMax System

Additional Recommended Accessories Shown:

  • Premium Roof - Camo
  • Glass Full Windshield with Lock & Ride® Technology
  • Pro Shield™ Sliding Glass Rear Panel
RGR accessories


In a world powered by RANGER®, there’s little you can’t do. From every season to every task to every pursuit, nothing compares to the capability of the world’s most trusted side-by-side.