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Indian On-road
GEM On-road


Polaris® takes innovation on the road with a legendary motorcycle brand, a radical 3-wheel roadster, an electric vehicle for personal transport and a personal quadricycle for international markets. 

Polaris On-Road

Three distinct brands of on-road vehicles with unique styling, innovative design and quality performance. 

Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcyle®

America's first motorcycle company. Offering a lineup of mid-size, cruising and touring bikes with a legendary, one-of-a-kind style. 


Slingshot® Open-Air Roadster

Slingshot is an open-air, 3-wheeled roadster that’ll have you grinning from ear-to-ear in no time. It's street legal and equipped for use on all public roads.

International Vehicles

Polaris® expanded its presence within the global market space with the acquisition of two European companies: Aixam quadricycles and GOUPiL electric utility vehicles.


Aixam: Leader in Quadricycles in France and Europe

Offering a lineup of small, light-weight, license-free vehicles for personal and professional use. 


GOUPiL Industrie: Electric Utility Vehicles

GOUPiL Industrie: Electric Utility Vehicles

Based in France, GOUPiL Industrie designs and manufactures electric utility vehicles for community and business use.