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Electrifying The Off Road

The Future Is Now.

Always leading the charge, we're exploring new technologies to drive innovation off road—including electric powertrains to unlock the potential of your outdoor experience. It's allowed us to design vehicles with more power and torque to make the most capable UTV ever built. Period.

Polaris and Zero Motorcycles partnership logo

A Powerful Partnership

We weren't looking to simply build electric vehicles. We wanted to build the best off-road vehicles possible. That's why we sought out Zero Motorcyles, a company that's been developing electric powertrains for over 14 years. Our partnership combines our off-road industry leadership with Zero's proven technology in electric powertrains.

Charging Times From 0–100%


Going electric is not about making sacrifices. Rather, it's about finding new ways to innovate. Electrification allows us to deliver a whole new level of performance and capability in one of quietest rides you'll ever experience.

Great Minds Think Alike. And Also, Differently.

To get to the game-changing technology behind off-road electrification, it took a like-minded partnership: Polaris, with our expertise in off-road vehicles, and Zero Motorcyles, with their advancements in electric powertrains.


Ultra-Quiet Ride for Work and Play

Delivering quiet operation around your property and stealthy trips for hunting. Plus, conversations can easily be had with others riding along.

Instant Acceleration

It's the perfect combination of a 110-HP motor and instant torque that will press you back into your seat when you hit the pedal.

Haul and Tow Heavy Payloads

Delivering 140 lb-ft torque, imparting instant power to the tires. Tow with ease thanks to a 1,250-lb hauling capacity, plus 2,500-lb towing capacity.

Less Work to Maintain

Electric powertrains require less routine maintenance. Oil, gas and filters that go with them are all gone, plus there's no CVT and no clutches.

Say Goodbye To...

Buying Gas

Changing Engine Oil

Replacing Fuel Filters

Replacing Spark Plugs

Checking External Fuel Hoses

Changing Air Filters



Do more than ever before with the all-new electric RANGER. Unmatched horsepower and instant torque means more power than ever before to precisely pull, haul more, and get more done. Our most advanced drivetrain delivers lower maintenance costs and more uptime to get the job done. Plus, the quiet electric powertrain delivers the ability to converse and offers stealthy entry and exit to hunting spots.

Maximize Your Range

At the top end, a new electric RANGER can give you up to 80 miles or more on a full charge. Just like any vehicle, there are various factors that can affect how far you'll go including terrain, weather, type of activity and more. So, when it comes to establishing your day-to-day range, consider what you'll be using your vehicle for and how far you'll actually travel in the day. You likely can go farther and do more than you thought.


Finding flat or smooth ground can help you go farther


Less weight delivers more range, so only carry what you need


Watch the forecast and take note of extreme highs and lows


Plan your trips efficiently to save power


Plan full charges overnight and quick charges over lunch

Charging Basics

You don’t have to go off-property to get charged up. A basic garage outlet can do the trick if you’re not rushed for time. But know there are plenty of options to speed up charging times. The most important factor is understanding your charging options and matching charging time to your needs.

There are four key factors to consider when it comes to charging ease and efficiency. All can impact your charging speeds. Each of these factors work together to determine how long it takes to charge up. Find your sweet spot for the way you plan to use your vehicle.

1. The power source you choose—120v or 240v

2. Level 1 or Level 2 EVSE charging adapters—it’s what plugs into the wall and the charger that’s built into your vehicle

3. Capacity of the charger that’s built into your vehicle—3kW Standard, 6kW Fast or an additional 3kW with an accessory upgrade