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The Industry's Most Advanced Semi-Active Suspension System

The World's Smartest Suspension

DYNAMIX continuously adjusts your shocks on the fly, so the suspension is always at the optimal setting to maintain vehicle stability and deliver confidence through the roughest terrain.

Suspension Designed to Create the Perfect Ride

Suspension modes that adjust on the fly to deliver optimal ride and handling - no matter the terrain

Comfort Mode

The softest suspension setting for maximum comfort. Hit comfort for a nice day out on the trails and for when you're cruising back home. This mode is intended for non-aggressive driving and smaller suspension inputs

Sport Mode

Sport is designed for the widest range of terrain, focusing on keeping the vehicle stable, enhancing handling and agility.

Firm Mode

This ride mode is the most aggressive suspension setting, designed to tackle the toughest terrain, and anything else that stands in your way.

X Button

When you see unexpected terrain, hit the X button. The X button sends all shocks to full firm for 1 second, then returns to the selected setting.


Under heavy acceleration, the compression increases in the rear shocks to keep the vehicle flatter, and put power down to the dirt faster.


Compression is increased in the outside shocks and decreased in the inside shocks, reducing body roll and keeping the vehicle stable.


The compression on the front shocks increase as the rear shocks soften to keep the vehicle flat.


Dynamix logo

DYNAMIX DV is the first in the industry with independent compression and rebound control. That means bigger suspension range, better control and a more consistent ride, so you stay firmly planted in the wildest terrains.


Revolutionized Suspension Events

Acceleration, airborne, cornering and braking events have all been completely redesigned to adjust compression and rebound. This allows more control over the suspension creating the perfect ride.

All-New Ride And Handling Modes

The independent control allows for each suspension mode to be tuned to terrain type and driving style.

DYNAMIX DV Suspension Modes

Four completely redesigned suspension modes that independently adjust rebound and compression damping, paired with dialed in power steering response for each mode delivers unmatched drive control.

Comfort Mode

Designed for cruising back to camp after a day of shredding the dunes in Glamis, comfort mode features low compression and rebound damping for smooth, consistent performance. The power steering calibration is designed to minimize feedback, working with the suspension to deliver a comfortable, effortless drive.

Baja Mode

Designed for terrain as rough as the Baja Peninsula, Baja Mode features high compression damping and low rebound damping. This creates a high dynamic ride height maintaining stability. The power steering calibration has been specifically design to eliminate bump steer and deliver response and feel through high speed desert terrain.

Track Mode

Designed for twisty trails or a short course race track, Track Mode features medium compression damping and high rebound damping. This ride mode optimizes the center of gravity for hard charging trails, with planted and confident handling. The racer inspired power steering calibration delivers superior feel to make the driver feel apart of the machine

Rock Mode

Designed to navigate the trails of Johnson Valley, Rock Mode features the industry's first angle management system (AMS). The AMS uses DYNAMIX to lean the vehicle into the slope maintaining stability when crawling through rocky terrain. Paired with the AMS, the power steering is designed for minimal steering effort allowing for smooth control on the biggest rock trails.


Dynamix DV
RZR Pro R Ultimate
Starting at $53,469 CA
RZR Pro R 4 Ultimate
Starting at $58,669 CA
RZR Turbo R Ultimate
Starting at $45,869 CA
RZR Turbo R 4 Ultimate
Starting at $51,169 CA
RZR Pro XP Ultimate
Starting at $41,969 CA
RZR Pro XP 4 Ultimate
Starting at $47,469 CA

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