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RANGER 1000: Extreme Upgrades for Performance, Comfort, and Longevity

Introducing the RANGER 1000 - The perfect combination of price and performance. With this revolutionary SxS, you get the latest improvements from Polaris plus 100 more CC's.


Engineered for Work

Brand new 999cc 61HP engine optimized for: low-speed drivability, smooth operation, and reduced noise. A new clutching system gives you ultimate low-speed drivability with a full 55lb feed of torque at just 3500 RPM. In other words, this vehicle gives you more pulling power at low speed where most of your work gets done.


Performance Benefits

The cargo box alone holds half a ton (1,000 lbs), which is more than every other machine in its class. The RANGER 1000 has a larger air filter than the RANGER XP900, so you'll have to replace it less often. Simply hook up your trailer to the back and tow up to 2500 lbs. This machine has a an entire foot of ground clearance, along with 10" of suspension travel. You can clear nearly any obstacle and handle even the most gnarly terrain.


Designed for Comfort

This model features a tiltable wheel, in addition to adjustable seats that are 25% thicker than the previous model. Enjoy a spacious and roomy cab with over 18 gallons of cab storage space, and more cupholders than your pickup truck.


Built to Last

With the RANGER 1000 you can stand up to hard work day after day. Available in 3-seat and 6-seat crew models, a variety of colors, and three different trim options. Whether it's for utility or recreation, Polaris has a complete lineup of the hardest working, smoothest riding ORVs that let our riders go anywhere and do anything.