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2022+ RZR Turbo R Seat Adjustment

Driver's Seat Adjustment
On seats equipped with an adjustment lever (1) under the front edge of the seat, pull the lever to the left. Slide the seat forward or rearward to the desired position. Release the lever. The seat will lock into the new position.

Turbo R seat adjustment

To adjust seat tilt, adjustment bolts can be removed and reinstalled at a different tilt setting. The driver side has two adjustment bolts (2), one on each side, and has three tilt hole options. Re-install the bolts and torque to 15 ft-lbs (20 Nm) when finished with adjustments.

seat tilt

Passenger Seat Adjustment
To adjust the passenger seat position, remove the seat and remove the four bolts (3) located on the two seat frame members.

The seat frame members can be moved forward (or backward) to the desired position.

passenger seat adjustment

The passenger seat can also be tilted up/down (similar to the driver seat) using the three tilt hole options. Choosing which set of tilt holes to use is dependent on whether the seat position has been moved forward or backward. Re-install the bolts and torque to 15 ft-lbs (20 Nm) when finished with adjustments.

Seat Removal
To remove the seat, do the following:

1. Pull up on the seat latch lever (1) located under the front edge of the seat.

seat removal lever

2. Tilt the seat forward.

3. Lift the seat upward to remove it from the vehicle.

4. Reverse this procedure to reinstall the seat. Make sure the seat tabs at the front edge of the seat slide onto the seat retainer tubes.

5. Press down firmly at the rear of the seat to engage the rear latches.

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