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2016-2021 RZR S 1000 and S4 1000 Orientation

The following video provides a look at the locations of key components and features of the Polaris RZR S 1000 and RZR S4 1000.

The video includes looks at the:

  • 0:22 doors
  • 0:30 seats
  • 0:49 driver's side features (steering column lever, floor drain)
  • 0:58 center dash components (light switch, all-wheel drive switch, key switch, gauge cluster, power socket, storage compartments)
  • 1:31 passenger handle
  • 1:36 access points for the battery and fuse panel
  • 1:45 oil filter access on four-seat models
  • 1:54 suspension adjustment points
  • 1:58 components under the hood (headlight adjustment screws, coolant overflow bottle, terminal block, radiator cap)
  • 2:11 brake master cylinder location
  • 2:21 components in the rear of the vehicle (suspension adjustment points, storage bed, engine component access panel)
  • 2:37 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) locations

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Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
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