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DYNAMIX Semi-Active Suspension Overview

Certain Polaris RZR models come equipped with DYNAMIX semi-active suspension. DYNAMIX proactively makes split-second decisions based on operator inputs, controlling the shocks to achieve optimum performance, control and stability under varying riding conditions and driving styles. The equipped Suspension Control Module (SCM) allows you to change the suspension control mode to your preference. 

Caution: Moving or altering the SCM may have an adverse effect on vehicle handling. Never move the SCM from its factory mounting location. 

There are three available drive modes to select from: Firm, Sport and Comfort. 

Warning: The rider should use caution to select the appropriate ride mode to match the current terrain conditions and driving style. Failure to select an appropriate ride mode could lead to vehicle dynamic behaviors not matched to the terrain or driver's skill level. 

  • In Firm Mode, the suspension is at its firmest compression damping setting. This mode is recommended for complex and challenging terrain where you may encounter large suspension events. In this mode, all four shocks are at the firmest setting.
  • In Sport Mode, some level of rider comfort is traded for higher performance levels and reduced body motion. Damping ramps up more aggressively as vehicle speed increases. This mode is recommended for spirited driving in which additional suspension system performance is required. All active features are enabled in this mode.
  • In Comfort mode, the suspension control system is optimized for rider comfort, intervening in performance situations when required. The system will gradually increase the base value of damping as vehicle speed increases. Cornering, braking, acceleration and airborne detection algorithms are fully active.

Mode Selection
Mode selection depends on your model. For most models, simply use the suspension mode switch located on the driver’s side of the center console. Refer to the RZR Pro XP Ultimate section below for information on that vehicle.  


Notice: The system will prevent mode transitions from a more firm operating mode to a more soft operating mode when a current active vehicle state is present (cornering, braking, accelerating or airborne).

Suspension Control Screen
You can view your vehicle's suspension control screen through your display powered by RIDE COMMAND. Push the left-most button (1) to view the gauge screen.

Next, tap the switch screens button (2) on the bottom of the screen. This will pull up screen options. Select ACTIVE SUSPENSION (3). 

Screen and buttons

The suspension control screen will display the drive mode, current shock damping settings, vehicle speed, any current active vehicle states and more.


(1) Current Suspension Ride Mode

(2) Accelerator Pedal Position

(3) Vehicle Speed

(4) Brake Status

(5) Active Vehicle Event State Pop-ups

(6) Steering Angle

(7) G-Meter

(8) Current Damping Setting

Active Vehicle States
DYNAMIX semi-active suspension monitors steering angle, lateral acceleration, vehicle yaw rate, pedal position and acceleration/deceleration to determine if there is an active vehicle state. DYNAMIX will then adjust the shocks to maximize rider comfort and avoid loss of control.

  • Cornering: When you corner, the outside shocks instantly firm up to reduce body roll, keeping the vehicle flat. DYNAMIX will also register counter steering and adjust accordingly.
  • Braking: When you brake, DYNAMIX immediately strengthens the front shocks to reduce body motion and increase available compression travel.
  • Accelerating: DYNAMIX stiffens all shocks as speed increases. The rear shocks will firm up to maximize horsepower when acceleration is sudden or aggressive to keep the vehicle level.
  • Airborne: When airborne, DYNAMIX adjusts all four shocks to maximum resistance to prevent bottoming out when you land. The system will revert to the user-selected drive mode afterward.

RZR Pro XP Ultimate
RZR Pro XP Ultimate steering wheels feature two arrow buttons and a MAX FIRM button. 

DYNAMIX steering wheel buttons

Pressing one of the arrow buttons will pull up a display of the three suspension options. Hit the up or down arrow button to select your desired suspension. 

toggle through suspension

Pressing the MAX FIRM button will stiffen the suspension to maximum firmness. The vehicle will maintain this setting if the button is continuously pressed. Once the button is released, maximum firmness will persist temporarily and then revert back to the previous setting. 

max firm screen

Vehicles equipped with DYNAMIX semi-active suspension require additional attention during transport. 

Warning: Vehicles equipped with DYNAMIX semi-active suspension must be powered on, set to COMFORT mode, and properly functioning in order to ensure the shocks are operating at their minimum compression damping setting prior to securing the vehicle to transport. Failure to ensure the shocks are in their minimum compression damping setting prior to securing the vehicle can potentially lead to a reduction of intended strap tension while trailering. 

Full instructions on transporting your RZR equipped with DYNAMIX semi-active suspension, read Transporting a RZR

For more information on your RZR, consult your Owner's Manual.
For more information on your RIDE COMMAND display unit, consult the RIDE COMMAND User's Guide.
Learn more about RIDE COMMAND with the Guide to RIDE COMMAND FOR Off-Road Vehicles.

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