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Synthetic Winch Rope Replacement and Loop Procedures

Polaris recommends always replacing the synthetic winch rope if a rope failure occurs. The two procedures below should be used only when replacing a synthetic winch rope.

Rope Loop Method 1 and Installation Procedure:

Loop Method 2: Modified Shoemakers Knot

1. Measure: Tape the end of the line to be spliced, measure and mark according to Diagram 1

Winch Rope Diagram 1

2. Taper: From Mark 1, in the direction of the taped end, mark every second right and left strand for three strands. See Diagram 2. Cut every marked strand and pull out of the line (the tape at the end will need to be removed in order to pull out cut strands). This end should now have only six strands. Re-tape end to prevent unbraiding.

Winch Rope Diagram 2

3. Threading: Open the rope at Mark 3 and thread the tapered end through this location. See Diagram 3. This end is then pulled through the longer end four times, keeping four braids between each stitch, as shown in Diagram 4

Winch Rope Diagram 3

Winch Rope Diagram 4

4. Bury Tail: Bury the tapered end in the middle of the rope. Open the rope up four braids after the last stitch, and then insert the fid and tapered tail through this location. Use the pusher to push this down the rope. Pull the fid and tapered tail out past Mark 4. Do not let the line twist. See Diagram 5

Winch Rope Diagram 5

5. Finish: First tighten the stitches, then remove the fid. Pull hard on the tapered tail with one hand, and with the other hand smooth the bunched line until the stitches are tight and Mark 2 and Mark 3 converge. See Diagram 6. Second, smooth the outer cover. Hold the rope at the stitches tightly. See Diagram 6. Pull the outer rope away from the eye until the tapered tail disappears into the outer rope. Clean up all inconsistencies in the braiding of the rope. The finished splice should look similar to Diagram 7

Winch Rope Diagram 6

Winch Rope Diagram 7

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