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Take on ESG requirements with the Pro XD Kinetic. Not only are you taking tailpipe emissions out of the mix, but electric drivetrain gives reduced sound levels that improve the operator’s situational awareness and enable quiet-zone usage—because not every ride needs to roar.


With an all-electric drivetrain, you can experience the same power and performance at a significantly lower rate than with traditional gas-powered vehicles.


With up to a 45-mile range*, 1,250 lbs cargo hauling, and 2,500 lbs max towing, this machine is built to work without leaving cargo behind.


Everything You Expect, Plus More

Take On Sustainability

Environmental, Social and Governance requirements aren’t going anywhere— in fact, they’re only growing. Take them on with confidence.

Next-Gen Battery Power

Forgot all the hassles and costs of flooded acid batteries, and experience the convenience, resilience and performance of Li-Ion battery technology.

Less Noise Pollution

With its quiet electric drivetrain, the Pro XD Kinetic can work from sun up to sundown, letting you complete the job.

No New Infrastructure Needed

Enjoy no additional infrastructure set up with 110V standard charging, or kick things into top gear with optional 220V fast charging.


At Polaris, we focus on reducing our environmental impact across six priority areas: GHG emissions, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water, waste and air emissions.

2035 Goals

By 2035, Polaris aims to meet the following

- Achieve 90% Recycleable content in ORV vehicles

- 50% reduction in Absolute GHG emissions scope 1 & 2

- 90% waste diverted from landfill

- 100% of manufacturing facilities will implement a water stewardship program .
To read our full ESG report, click here.


Polaris Geared For Good

Polaris is passionate about creating memorable experiences that impact the lives of people across the globe. Those experiences are inspired by both the innovative products we make and the good that we do.

*Range estimates based on manufacturer data on typical customer driving usage and conditions. Actual range varies based on conditions such as external environment, weather, speed, cargo loads, rates of acceleration, vehicle maintenance and vehicle usage.