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Sportsman ATV Accessories

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Sportsman Accessory Collections

Polaris Engineered

No Better Match

Polaris Engineered parts and accessories are designed, tested and built by the same engineers who create the Polaris vehicles you love and trust. They’re the only products on the market designed to be perfectly compatible with your Sportsman.

Rider inspired

Through constant customer feedback, we optimize our products, tailoring them to our rider’s highest expectations. Ride with confidence knowing you have the support of the entire Sportsman community riding with you.

Extensive Testing

All of our Polaris Engineered accessories and parts go through the same rigorous testing process as our vehicles. Both in the lab and in the elements, we put our products to the test so you can ride with 100% confidence.

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Partner Brands

Pro Armor

Personalizing your Sportsman to your exact needs is important for a successful day outdoors. Partnering with PRO ARMOR, allows riders to implement industry-leading after-market wheels, tires and lights that are specifically designed to work seamlessly with your Polaris Sportsman.


There’s only so much you can do during your days, so extend them by bringing light to the night. At Polaris, we partner with Rigid® revolutionary lighting products, which are purposely designed and built to integrate with your Sportsman, helping you brighten every adventure.

Keep Your Sportsman Ready For Anything

Wear Your Pride On Your Sleeve

My Account

My Account is like a command center for your Sportsman. In one place, easily keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance, warranty status and recall alerts, as well resources like owner’s manuals and helpful articles.