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Tyler Nickels


Hometown: Alpena, Mi
Career Start: Cherry Speedway in Kalkaska MI.

I’ve been snowmobiling all my life, there is no better way to go exploring and to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months. A good friend of mine talked me into trying my hand at some racing in 2001, I’ve been hooked ever since. Racing is certainly something that you live, it isn’t just something that you do. Racing has introduced me to some of the most wonderful people that I’ve ever met, challenged me both physically and mentally, and taught me more about myself than anything else I’ve done. It is absolutely amazing the conversations that you can have with yourself when you’re going 115 miles per hour and staring down a 180 degree turn.................. on ice, you learn an awful lot about who you are. Team #19 invited me to be a part of Tommie Bauer Racing in 2012 and it has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. When everyone around you is there for the same purpose, pours their heart and soul into it and continues to fight when the going gets tough, anything is possible!


I currently live in Alpena MI, I am a licensed master mechanic, I am a classic car nut and love exploring the two-lane roads in my 68’ Chevelle in the summer months. When the air starts getting crispy the best place to find me is in a tree stand watching all the fall wildlife. I do a lot more shooting with my camera than I do with my bow, I find that there is a lot to learn simply by being quiet and listening to the world around me.


I am just a regular guy, if you are ever at one of our races feel free to come by and say hello.

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