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Polaris Sled Wraps

SLEDWRAP DESIGN STUDIO: ArcticFX Graphics innovative SledWrap Design Studio allows users to endlessly create unique color options for their sledwraps. In a few simple steps, you can have access to millions of design possibilities. Colorize your wrap today and make it one-of-a-kind!



1. ArcticFX Material DNA


ArcticFX Graphics exclusive 17mil ultra aggressive material has been specifically formulated for power sports applications and designed with revolutionary FLO-Technology, allowing for a simple, bubble-free install.

It's the perfect blend of easy application and ultimate durability!


2. Tested by the best. Trusted by the best!  


Premiere snowmobile athletes like Chris Burandt, Dan Adams, Keith Curtis and countless others have trusted ArcticFX Graphics for years and continue to push the limits of sledwraps. While sledwraps are certainly not indestructible, you can rest assured, that if these guys can't break them, no one can!


3. Replacements for LIFE!

Damage your sledwrap? ArcticFX has you covered! If you damage any part of your graphics, whether from riding or installation, ArcticFX Graphics will reprint the section you need at material costs. No other graphics company stands behind their products more.


4. Hassle-Free Returns & Exchanges

Take the worry out of ordering online. ArcticFX Graphics will return or exchange your sledwrap, no questions asked, up to 14 days after purchase.

5. Easy DIY Installation

ArcticFX Graphics sledwraps are specifically engineered for an easy DIY install. Everything from our premium material to our easy-to-use installation kits are made with the customer in mind.


Check out our install videos and see how easy it really is.

*The sale is only used on web orders. The coupon code cannot be combined with other codes and does not apply to orders placed by phone. The code will be active from 09/10/2022 through 03/31/2023 after which the sale will end. The code is limited to customers that placed a Model Year 2023 SnowCheck order. Eligible customers will receive promo code via email. Enter promo code at checkout to apply  discount. Each code is limited to be used once per customer.  For other questions regarding specifics of the sale, please contact our team at