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Mike Morgan

IRON DOG (The World's Longest Toughest Snowmobile Race)

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Race Sled: Switchback XCR
Career Start: 2000

Mike’s great-grandfather started a Polaris dealership in Alaskan in 1956, and so he grew up around snowmobiles and dreamed of being a racer. He started racing at 14 and continues to ride because of the pure freedom and being able to go anywhere on a snowmobile in the winter time. To him, there’s nothing better than a day full of sunshine, your buddies, and sleds. Racing has taught him to work hard and never give up. It’s also taught him to pay close attention to detail from wrenching and fabricating on the equipment to riding the machines. He loves that the snowmobile industry is a tightknit group of passionate, good folks. He plans to win the 2,000 mile Iron Dog in the future and would also like to race in events down south again. Aside from racing snowmobiles, he enjoys exploring Alaska’s outdoors through mountain biking, hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. He also raised a pet reindeer.

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