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Evan Peppel

ISOC (International Series of Champions)

Hometown: Roseau MN
Career Start: Pine Lake 2015
Race Circuit: Cor Powersports

Snowmobiling has been a part of my family long before I came around, so for me it was almost unavoidable. I started riding a 120 at an early age and it all took off from there. What I love about snowmobiling is not only the riding aspect but the community and friends that come along with it. I live and ride in Roseau, Minnesota most of the time. I officially started racing cross country in 2015, before that I had raced 120’s off and on. Since then, racing has turned into a major part of my life. I have met so many great friends and riding buddies over the years and that is almost more valuable than the racing itself. Other than racing, I like to do almost anything outside including hunting, fishing, trap, archery, and anything motorized.

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