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Aaron Christensen

ISOC (International Series of Champions)

Hometown: Metiskow, AB Canada
Career Start: 1996
Racing Circuit: Cor Powersports Cross Country Circuit

I started snowmobiling with my parents as family activity, for as long as I can remember. My dad has always rode a snowmobile. I started racing in 1996 with my Uncle Kenny on a Polaris XC440. I enjoy the challenges that racing consists of and the hard work that is required to do well.


I live just outside a small town, Metiskow AB with my wife, Mandy, and 2 girls. We run a Polaris Dealership in Provost AB. On my downtime, I enjoy riding snowmobiles, dirt bikes, euro bike and jet ski. We also RZR as a family quite a bit in the summer months, either around home or out at the Rocky Mountains.