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DYNAMIX Semi-Active Snowmobile Suspension Overview

Some 650, 850 and Patriot Boost INDY VR1 models come equipped with DYNAMIX semi-active suspension. DYNAMIX uses brake and throttle inputs and the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to take internal measurements to continuously adjust all four electronic shocks. The IMU measures complete vehicle inertia, velocity, pitch, roll and more to understand and adapt to the terrain and active events. 

Caution: Moving or altering the IMU may have an adverse effect on vehicle handling. Never move the IMU from its factory mounting location.  

There are three available DYNAMIX modes to select from: Comfort, Rally and Extreme. Each mode is variable based on speed.  

Warning: The rider should use caution to select the appropriate ride mode to match the current terrain conditions and driving style. Failure to select an appropriate ride mode could lead to vehicle dynamic behaviors not matched to the terrain or driver's skill level.  

  • In Comfort Mode, the suspension is set for maximum comfort, with easy steering input, a smooth ride and bottom-out resistance.  
  • In Rally Mode, the suspension is designed for the widest range of trail-riding performance, from high-speed corners to tight, twisty trails.  
  • In Extreme Mode, the suspension is at its firmest compression damping setting. It’s designed for rough trail conditions at all speeds. 

Suspension Control Screen 
You can view your snowmobile’s suspension control screen through your 7S Display powered by RIDE COMMAND.  

The suspension control screen will display the current mode and shock damping settings, vehicle speed, any current active vehicle states and more. 

screenshot of the DYNAMIX suspension control screen

(1) Current DYNAMIX Mode 

(2) Throttle Position 

(3) Vehicle Speed 

(4) Brake Status 

(5) Active Vehicle Event State Pop-ups 

(6) IMU Display 

(7) Shock Position 

Active Events

  • Airborne: When the IMU senses the vehicle is airborne, all four shocks will increase compression, based on the speed and duration in the air, to smooth out the landing. 
  • Cornering: Working alongside the rider, the front shocks will adjust to keep the sled flat through the corner, while using the rear shocks to balance ski pressure and traction. 
  • Acceleration/Braking: Under acceleration and braking, DYNAMIX will use all four shocks to keep the vehicle composed, keeping the sled flat while maintaining traction. The front track shock is key, affecting vehicle balance and pitch to maintain traction and steering. 

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