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Connecting to Your 7S Display

The 7S display on your Polaris Matryx platform snowmobile is compatible with Android® and iOS®. For the latest operating system compatibility, view the list of supported devices on the RIDE COMMAND website.

You can use Bluetooth® to pair and connect phones and Bluetooth® headsets. The 7S will show a list of paired devices with their connection status. For phones, it will show their signal strength. You can listen to music over a headset or through optional vehicle speakers.

Ensure that your smartphone's Bluetooth® settings are set to share phone calls, media audio, text messages and contact information.

Note that there is no built-in microphone in the 7S display. Phone call audio will play through the phone speakers or Polaris-approved headset, if connected. Some dial options may be unavailable at speeds of more than 3 mph.

Connecting Your iPhone®
To connect your iPhone® to the 7S display, do the following:

1. In your iPhone® settings, turn on Bluetooth®. If available, make your phone discoverable to other devices in the Bluetooth settings®. When your phone appears on the display, press the "+" button next to it.

2. A prompt will appear on your iPhone® requesting permission to pair with your phone.

3. Ensure the confirmation codes on the screen and your phone are the same. Then press PAIR on your phone.

4. For optimal experience, enable notifications and sync contacts from your phone's Bluetooth® settings.

Connecting Your Android® Phone
To connect your Android® device to the 7S display, do the following:

1. From your phone's settings, open the Bluetooth® options on your device and ensure that Bluetooth® is turned on. Note that on some phones you have to make the phone visible to other devices. If your phone has this feature, it should show up on the Bluetooth® connection screen of your phone. If no option exists to make your phone visible to the display, it is already visible.

2. Press the ADD DEVICE button and then press OK on the display.

3. When your phone appears on the display, press the "+" button next to it to pair your phone.

4. Ensure the confirmation codes on the screen and your phone are the same. Then press OK on your phone.

5. For optimal experience, press ACCEPT on your phone when requested to access contacts and messages.

6. The display will now show a list of phones previously connected to the display. If it is unpaired, click on your phone from the list.

7. Once the display says connected/paired, your phone is now connected to the 7S display via Bluetooth®. After a phone is connected, the Device Manager Screen will appear.

8. When a phone is connected to the display, users are able to make phone calls from the display through the keypad, recent calls or their contacts by pressing the phone icon in the Device Manager Screen or through the pull-down menu.

Connecting Your Bluetooth® Headset to the Display
The RIDE COMMAND touchscreen can be connected to a smartphone and a headset simultaneously. The display can connect with Polaris-approved Bluetooth® headsets to listen to music, take phone calls and talk with other riders.

To connect your Bluetooth® headset to your display, do the following:

1. Put your Bluetooth® device into pairing mode.

2. Press the Polaris button on the display to open the Badge Panel.

3. From the Bluetooth® Device Settings Screen, the Phone Screen or the Music Screen, tap on the ADD DEVICE button to bring up the pairing prompt.

4. Select the name of the device you want to pair from the touchscreen display to finish the pairing process.

For a better riding experience, connect your headset directly to the display, not your mobile device.

View the list of approved headsets for your snowmobile. 

For more information about the 7S display, view your Owner's Manual, 7S User Guide or the 7S Quick Start Guide
For more information about RIDE COMMAND, visit the RIDE COMMAND website.
To find a Polaris Dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.

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