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2024+ RZR XP Air Filter Inspection and Replacement

Required Tools and Supplies

  • Safety Glasses
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Shop Rags

For information on tools, read the Tools and Fasteners Guide. Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when servicing your RZR.

To clean or replace the air filter on your RZR XP, follow these steps:

1. Park the vehicle on a flat, level surface, and ensure it is in PARK.

2. On a two-seater, remove both seats. For a four passenger, remove the rear seats. 

3. Remove the access panel by turning the four quarter turn latches and set aside.

4. Clean any dirt or debris from the air box area.

5. Locate and unlatch the five air box cover clips and carefully remove the air box cover.

6. Remove the air filter by pulling toward the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

7. With the filter removed, inspect the air filter, and replace if necessary. A new air filter is part number 1241084.

8. Check the air box cover seal. If needed, a new air box cover seal is part number 5815000.

9. Clean the intake and air box thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

10. Reinstall the air filter (if clean) or install a new air filter (if dirty), and ensure it is fully seated. Do not attempt to clean the air filter.

11. Inspect that there are no gaps between the filter, the filter ring and the stop on the intake tube.

12. Reinstall the air box cover and ensure the tabs are aligned and locked in place. 

13. Secure the five cover clips.

14. Reinstall the access panel and ensure all the quarter turn latches are secure. 

15. Reinstall the seats by aligning the front tabs under the retainer bar and pressing down in the rear to engage the latch.

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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