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Polaris Culture

It's time to THINK OUTSIDE


Our DNA started with founders Edgar Hetteen, his brother Allan and his close friend David Johnson who had somewhere to be and no way to get there. Over 65 years later, you still see that drive, ingenuity, and pioneering spirit in everything we do.

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Customer Centricity

At Polaris, the customer comes first. Our employees live the riding experience, understand it, and work to make it better every day to reach this. For some it's driven by a love of the outdoors and others it's to rethink Powersports as we know it.

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Geared for Good

Geared for Good

One way we THINK OUTSIDE is by being GEARED FOR GOOD. This vision pushes us to be driven by innovation, integrity, and accountability, as we continually tune to be good stewards for the industry, our employees, riders, communities, and the outdoors.

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Meaningful Work

Our employees set out each day to make us and the outdoor industry better. At Polaris, If you see an opportunity and raise your hand - the challenge is yours. Leadership is digging in and getting it done regardless of level.

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Inclusive Culture & Diverse Experiences

We are committed to building an inclusive culture that values unique input and perspectives. This diversity is infused in our relationships, the products we create and how we speak to new customers as we welcome them into our Polaris family. By creating a culture of open communication we are able to better understand one another and trust that all employees feel valued within the workplace.

How else do we THINK OUTSIDE

Flexible Work

The workplace is constantly changing. Polaris continues to evolve and change by offering more flexibility and workplace options to employees, depending on the nature of your work.

Organization & Talent Reviews

We value and invest in our people. Our review process includes cross-functional executive leaders crafting opportunities and setting a runway for our people to grow and do more.

Leadership with Integrity

Our executive leadership team leads by example, demonstrating integrity and approachability everyday. They take pride in their teams — recognizing everyone plays a personal role in our business today and into the future.

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