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Geared for Good

Continually tuning to be good stewards for our industry, employees, riders, communities, and the outdoors.

Our Commitment

Since 1954, Polaris has been driven by a desire to make a positive impact - being good stewards for the industry, our riders, our communities and the outdoors. As the global leader in our industry, we set a high bar for ourselves, then continue to raise it. This commitment is defined as Geared For Good.

Geared For Good Framework

Four key areas govern our Geared for Good Framework & serve as an example of how we continue to use our leadership to advance the future of the powersports industry. THINK PRODUCT, THINK PRODUCTION, THINK PLACES and THINK PEOPLE. View the full framework here.

2023 Geared for Good Report

Previous Geared for Good Reports

2035 GOALS

Achieve 90% recyclable content in ORV vehicles

Reduction of substances of very high concern in bill of materials.

75% renewable electricity globally

50% reduction in absolute GHC scope 1 & 2

90% waste diverted from landfill

Participate in EPA's smartway transportation partnership

100% manufacturing facilities will implement a water stewardship program


Positive Impact

We seek to have a positive impact on the outdoor places where people use our products to enjoy nature and embrace new experiences.

Protect Where We Ride

We are committed to promoting responsible riding practices and advancing stewardship initiatives that help protect and care for our natural resources.

Employee Wellbeing

Investing in our team and helping them to reach their full potential is core to Polaris, and we strive to offer comprehensive wellbeing programs that reflect the broad needs of our employees while furthering initiatives for employee engagement and development.

Employee Safety

We aspire to be an incident-free workplace and aim to protect the health and safety of our employees and contractors through ongoing efforts that eliminate hazards, educate and implement preventative measures.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that building a diverse, inclusive and welcoming workforce enhances innovation and enables diversity of thought. We are committed to increasing representation of diverse populations within Polaris and supporting organization focused on fostering diversity and inclusion in the communities where we live and work.

Think Places

Positively impacting land and water through stewardship and responsible riding.

Polaris Foundation

The Polaris Foundation is an integral part of Geared For Good. It is dedicated to long-term investment in the communities where we live and in which we do business with special focus in the below areas.

Community Development

Assist in creating strong, vibrant communities where we all live, work and play.

Youth Safety

Increase youth awareness on safe riding practices including appropriate riding gear.

Environment & Land Access

Promote land access and responsible use of trails and the environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

Advancing diversity & inclusion in our workplaces, communities, and society.

Visit the Polaris Foundation site to apply for donations or grants.


Being recognized is simply a showcase of the great work Team Polaris does in the spirit of being Geared For Good.


On a monthly basis, we spotlight employees from around the world who are living our Geared For Good values. In addition to internal recognition, each Polaris employee receives $100 to donate to the nonprofit of their choice. In 2022, awards were given to showcase community partnerships and volunteering, environmental projects to hit goal targets and celebrating diversity and inclusion.