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RIDE COMMAND Community Overview

Community is a feature of RIDE COMMAND that allows you to find and share all the best rides, places and events. It includes an activity feed to see recently added content and an explore page to see content by type (event, ride or place), location, ride length, rating and date. 

The Community tab was previously called the Events tab.


  • With Community, you can interact with other users on the app and website. RIDE COMMAND users will be able to view public content posted by other users.
  • You can also like and rate another user's content. Like counts and ratings are visible to anyone on the RIDE COMMAND website or Polaris App. 
  • Users can save content and refer back to the content later from their Bookmarked list. On saved content, any updates/changes made to the public content will be visible. 
  • Users also have the option of saving a copy of public content besides events. A private copy of the item is saved in the user’s Rides/Places tab. Updates to the original public item will not be reflected in the user’s saved copy. 
  • You can also create and post public or private events. Public events will automatically be posted to the public activity feed. When creating a new event, the user can now add photos, tracked rides, planned routes and website links to the event description. 

For help creating, editing and sharing the events you add to the Community, read Events on the Polaris App.

How to Use Community on the Polaris App
The community page can be accessed by selecting COMMUNITY at the bottom of the screen. The first screen, shown below, is the Activity feed, where all recent posts are shown and ordered by most recent first. Tapping on any item shows its details page, where you can see the full details, rate, thumbs up, view the 3D flyover (for tracks and routes) and view the content on the full map.

community tab

To search and filter posts, select the Explore tab at the top of the page. Choose what content you would like to explore: Events, Rides or Places. 

explore page

Once you have selected the type of content you wish to view, you will see a search bar and a FILTER button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Filters vary slightly by content type: 

  • Events can be filtered by date, location and ride length. 
  • Rides can be filtered by rating, location and ride length. 
  • Places can be filtered by rating and location. 


How to Use Community on the RIDE COMMAND Website
You can click on the Community tab from any page on the RIDE COMMAND website. This will bring you to the Community Activity Feed. Posts are organized into three categories: Events, Rides and Places.

On the RIDE COMMAND website, you can see all three categories at once or choose a specific category. 

RIDE COMMAND community

1. Filter posts by category.
2. See content you have saved and events you have created.
3. Search recent posts.
4. Filter content by location, ride length, etc., as shown below.

community filters

Clicking on a post/event in the activity feed will open that item, showing additional details. You can also like, save content, save a copy, share, download and rate that item. Saved posts/events will show up in your Saved list on the right-hand side of the page, and they will be updated with any changes from the original poster. Items you have saved as a copy will not be updated with changes from the original poster. 

Learn more about Events, read Events on the Polaris App.
To browse all RIDE COMMAND articles, read Guide to RIDE COMMAND for Off-Road Vehicles.
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