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Installing a Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery on a RZR Turbo S

Installing a Polaris PRO HD Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery on a Polaris RZR XP Turbo S includes the following steps:

  • Preparation (0:35)
  • Removal of the driver's seat (0:40)
  • Disconnecting the battery (0:50)
  • Removal of the hood and front grille assembly (1:30)
  • Removal of the winch cover (1:50)
  • Removal of the tow hook (2:12)
  • Installation of the winch backer plate (3:30)
  • Installation of the winch assembly (5:08)
  • Preparing the winch contactor (9:00)
  • Installation of the winch contactor (10:40)
  • Routing cables (11:10)
  • Installation of the wireless receiver (14:50)
  • Routing terminals (15:50)
  • Reinstallation of the front grille and hood (17:17)
  • Reconnecting the battery (17:55)
  • Reinstallation of the driver's seat (18:48)
  • Mounting the wireless remote (19:02)
  • Operating the wireless remote and winch (19:42)

For more on Polaris winches, visit your local Polaris Dealer

The Polaris PRO HD 4,500-Pound Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery is part number 2883828. Read the installation instructions completely before installing. View the instructions for this kit by searching the Polaris Accessory Installation Instruction Site.

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