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Order Declined

When you are trying to purchase an item online, it is important to make sure you have the correct credit card information and that your zip code is up to date. If you see an error code on the webpage after you've made a transaction, there are a few reasons why your order may have been declined:

  • There are insufficient funds in your account.
  • The credit card information does not match.
  • You used a P.O. Box as your address.
  • You did not enter your middle initial.

These are the most common reasons why online orders are declined. Do not attempt to order again, as funds will be held and then released. Multiple attempts may cause multiple charges. If you're having trouble placing an order online, please call 1-800-303-9002.

Polaris cannot release funds; the customer's financial institution will need to release funds. Funds are typically held for 48 hours. If an order number is not generated and an email with the order number does not appear in your email inbox, then your card was not charged.

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