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ATV Replacement Keys

For some vehicles, Polaris offers key blanks that can be cut using an existing key. If both keys have been lost, you will need to replace the ignition. Contact your Polaris Dealer for key and ignition replacement assistance. Reference the information below when contacting them. 

Key Type A
For all model year 2021 and newer ATVs, 2019-2020 Sportsman 570/570 Utility, 2016-2020 Sportsman 850/850 High Lifter Edition and 2019-2020 Sportsman XP 1000, use the following key blank and key cover. Note that keys with non-removable covers cannot be copied onto key blanks. See your Polaris Dealer for more information. 

Key Type B
The ATVs not listed in Key Type A use the key shown below. To determine how to replace your key, first identify which key type you have.

To identify which series the key is, locate the four digits on the original key as shown below. For 4000 series blanks, reference all four digits stamped on the original key. 

Image of spare key

 Series Part Number
 20__ 4010278
 21__ 4010278
 22__ 4010321
 23__ 4010321
 27__ 4010321
 28__ 4010321
 31__ 4110141
 32__ 4110148
 67__ 4010278
 68__ 4010278
 4000-4149 4015704
 4150-4299 4015705

The key cover is part number 5433534

key cover

If both keys have been lost, you will need to replace the ignition. See an authorized Polaris Dealer for assistance. 

Youth Keys
For Outlaw 50, Outlaw 90, Outlaw 110, Sportsman 90, Sportsman 110, and Phoenix 200, the required key can be determined by the direction of the key groove.

Groove is determined when holding the key, ready to put into the ignition.

Additionally, you can tell which key blank you need by checking the number on the key tag attached to the original key ring. If the first digit in that number is odd, you need key blank 0453143. If first digit of the number is even, you need key blank 0453372.

If both keys have been lost, you will need to replace the ignition. See an authorized Polaris Dealer for assistance. 

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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