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Elevate your ride with Polaris Riding Gear made with TECH54, designed to keep you warm and dry.

What is TECH54?

Our Apparel Center of Excellence developed TECH54 - a waterproof, breathable membrane featured in every Polaris riding jacket, bib and monosuit. This exclusive technology allows perspiration to escape and keeps water out, so no matter how you ride, or where you ride, you stay dry, warm and comfortable.

Trail Riding Gear

Durable insulated outerwear for exceptional warmth with minimal bulk.


TECH54 bonded internal laminate with 5K/5K properties

Crossover Riding Gear

Offers the versatility to adapt to changing ride conditions.


TECH54 bonded internal laminate with 10K/10K or 20K/20K properties

Mountain Riding Gear

Advanced uninsulated outerwear with superior venting. 


TECH54 bonded internal laminate with 20K/20K properties

A young man wearing his TECH54 jacket out in the snow

Youth Sizes. Adult Quality

When it comes to young riders, quality is essential. Everything we create - from sledding apparel to snowmobile helmets - is crafted to the highest standards for kid-friendly comfort and safety.

See it in Action

Polaris Engineered Riding Gear is high-quality outdoor gear designed for a wide range of riders, riding styles and other outdoor activities. It is intentionally designed to work together as a smart solution with the best fit and optimal comfort so that you can stay out longer, doing what you love.