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Snowmobile Bulletin S-24-01

Everything you need to know about S-24-01

March 12 Update: 

Polaris has continued to test additional fuel options that will allow customers to continue riding their impacted sleds safely while we work on a permanent engineered fix. On March 12, Polaris expanded the fuel option for impacted snowmobiles that do not have a Patriot Boost or Patriot 9R engine.  

For customers with an impacted Patriot Boost or Patriot 9R snowmobile, they should continue to follow the original fuel recommendations and fill up with a fuel that is 91 octane or higher and contains 10% ethanol (E10).  

To our impacted riders, 

Our focus on rider safety is unwavering. We believe in providing you with the best sleds, and when we fall short on that, we are committed to making it right. 

We have made the voluntary decision to issue a revised recall for some Model Year 2021-2024 MATRYX and 2015-2023 AXYS snowmobiles to address electrostatic discharge, also known as ESD, in the fuel tanks. This is revised off the recall and repair we announced in 2022. While the repair we issued in 2022 to address ESD did reduce the number of sources, we have determined it does not completely prevent the ESD issue from occurring in the fuel tank. We know of eight ESD incidents on snowmobiles that had our previous recall repair. To us, that is not acceptable. We fell short, but we are standing behind our sleds and taking the steps we need to fully address the issue. 

While we refuse to compromise on safety, our team recognizes how important the riding season is and remains focused on getting you back out riding safely. With this in mind, we have a solution that eliminates ESD and allows you to continue safely riding this season, while our team engineers a permanent repair.

  • Owners of impacted snowmobiles with a Patriot Boost or Patriot 9R engine, and 600 INDY Cross Country snowmobiles will need to fill up using an oxygenated fuel that is 91 octane or higher and contains 10% ethanol (E10).    

  • Owners of all other impacted snowmobiles will need to fill up using an oxygenated fuel that is 87 octane or higher and contains 10% ethanol (E10).    

The 10% ethanol prevents the electrostatic buildup in the fuel tank system, which then prevents ESD. 

We know there are riders who already use this fuel type in their snowmobiles, and for you, there isn’t anything different you need to do. If you were previously using non-ethanol fuel, you also will need to change the fuel type designation on the gauge of your snowmobile. 

A detailed FAQ about this recall and the solution to keep customers safely riding can be found below. 

As I said earlier, we are committed to making this right and keeping you riding safely. On behalf of the entire Snow team, we want to thank you for being a Polaris rider. 

Jenny Nack, VPGM Polaris Snowmobiles