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Get Your Snowmobile Ready to Ride

Watch the following video to help you get your snowmobile ready for the upcoming season. Among the topics covered are: removing the hood and side panels (:29); removing dryer sheets (1:07); reinstalling your drive belt (1:14); reinstalling your battery (2:18); checking your wiring (3:17); removing fogging oil from the engine (3:37); replacing spark plugs (3:55), draining, recycling and replacing fuel (4:10); adjusting your track and suspension (4:20); inspecting your carbides (4:43); checking fluid levels (4:57); and reinstalling your hood, speedometer and side panels (5:17).

Consult your Owner's Manual for complete details on maintenance procedures. Search our Help Center to find maintenance procedures for your specific model. 

Pay attention to the following maintenance items when preparing your snowmobile for the season. Detailed maintenance procedures can be found in your Owner's Manual. Always follow those detailed instructions, as well as the maintenance intervals outlined in your Owner's Manual.

Your local Polaris Dealer can help you with any maintenance questions or procedures. To find a Polaris Dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.

Chaincase lubrication and tension: Inspect the chaincase fluid level and the tension. Add fluid as required.

Fuel quality: Inspect the fuel system to verify fuel quality and proper operation. For maximum performance, Polaris recommends the use of 91 octane or higher fuel, with no ethanol, in 600, 800 and 850 engines. Lower octane and/or oxygenated fuel is usable, but some engine performance will be lost and fuel economy will decrease.

Do not use lower than 87 octane fuel. Do not use oxygenated fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol. Never use E85 or 88 E15 fuel in your snowmobile.

Snowmobiles with 550 engines are designed to run on 87 octane non-oxygenated or 89 octane oxygenated pump gasoline. There's a great deal of variability in the quality of 87 octane gasoline available across the country, so Polaris encourages the use of premium fuel when possible. Do not use fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol (including E85).

Using fuels with a lower than recommended octane or operating with obstructed fuel systems will result in serious and costly engine damage. Always use the recommended fuel for your machine. Perform maintenance as recommended. Prolonged exposure to petroleum-based products may damage paint. Always protect painted surfaces when handling fuel.

Track tension: Ensure your track tension and track alignment are adjusted and set to specification. If the track is studded, the track tension must be set to specification and inspected more frequently. This will ensure maximum performance and optimize track and rail slider wear.

Rail slider condition: Inspect your rail sliders for excessive or uneven wear. Replace them when worn to the indicator. This will ensure you start the season with rail sliders in good condition and with even wear.

Rails: Check for bends that occur as a result of hard landings. Inspect and re-torque fasteners, mounting bolts and idler bolts. This ensures you start the season with rails that are straight and in good condition.

Brake disc and brake pads: Inspect your brake disc for signs of material or discoloration that could indicate the brake is dragging. Inspect your brake pads and replace them if required. This ensures you start the season with a brake system in good working order.

Cooling system: Check the coolant level, radiator cap and coolant hoses to ensure the cooling system works properly.

Chassis and suspension fasteners: Inspect and re-torque your fasteners, mounting bolts and pitman arms.

In the video below, Terrain Dominator David Fischer shows you how to get your snowmobile ready for the first ride of the season. Topics include inspecting spark plugs (:35), installing your drive belt (:45), checking fluid levels (1:40), fuel treatment (1:50), examining your suspension (1:57) and track (2:25).


Want more? Listen to The Polaris Podcast episode Get Your Sled Ready to Ride!  We talk with Technical Development Lead, John Lundgren, who runs us through step by step what we need to check on our snowmobiles so they’re ready for another season of powder and fun! 


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