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Achats par véhicule
Achats par véhicule
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Trail Collection

Introducing the Trail Accessory Collection. If you're a trail rider, this is the ultimate combination of accessories for you.

RIDE COMFORTABLY: The Adjustable Windshield and Heated Driver Seat allow you to ride comfortably all day long.

PACK WHAT YOU NEED: The Adventure Tunnel Bag, and the Dash Storage Bag allow you to pack everything you need whether you're going out for a short ride, or a multi day trip.

ULTIMATE PROTECTION & STYLE: The Sentry Front Bumper provides reliable protection for your ride without compromising looks for utility, along with grill inserts for an added pop of custom color.

MAXIMUM VISIBILITY: You always want to be aware of your surroundings out on the trail. See more at a glance with the Insight Side Mirrors, and never let the dark cut your ride short with our all-new Auxiliary Punch light, so you can ride confidently no matter what time of day.

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