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Embajador Red Arrow

Red Arrow

State: Virginia


Hunting is part of a culture rooted deep in this great country. Red Arrow's southern roots is centered in this culture, faith and family. Host Kip Campbell is as real as it gets, hunting all types of wild game both big and small all over the country.


Kip grew up in the country near the banks of the James River in Central Virginia and spent his days bow hunting, fishing and playing sports at Fork Union Military Academy. Kip knew early on he wanted to work with a weapon in his hand, so the military, law enforcement or pro-hunter were the only jobs that would be acceptable in his mind. While pro-hunter seemed the most far fetched option, Kip found his way to this dream.


Kip met his wife Kat in college, and not long later the two found themselves out hunting and falling in love. They both live in Kip's hometown with their family, often found getting out in their RANGER doing chores and preping for their hunts.