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2024 Polaris XPEDITION 6000 Pro HD Winch Kit Installation

This video goes over the installation of the Polaris Pro HD High-Mounted 6,000 LB Winch (part number 2884839). Your Polaris XPEDITION must be equipped with the HD Front Bumper (part number 2891009-458) to install this winch. For more information about installing the bumper kit, read 2024 Polaris XPEDITION HD Front Bumper Installation.

Required Tools and Supplies
T30 TORX® Socket6mm Socket
T40 TORX® Socket10mm Socket
T45 TORX® Socket11mm Socket
13mm Wrench13mm Socket
15mm Wrench15mm Socket
Ratchet8mm Ball End Allen Socket
Torque WrenchPry Tool
Flathead ScrewdriverShop Rags
Nitrile GlovesEye Protection
Multi-Function Pliers

For information on tools, read the Tools and Fasteners Guide. Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when installing accessories on your Polaris XPEDITION.

Note: In order to install the 6000 Pro HD Winch Kit, the top plate of the HD Front Bumper must be removed.

To install the 6000 Pro HD Winch Kit on your Polaris XPEDITION, follow these steps.

1. Start by parking the vehicle on a flat, level surface, ensure it is in PARK and remove the key.

2. Disconnect the battery by removing and keeping the two screws from the front of driver’s seat base with a T40 TORX® socket.

3. Slide the front seat and lift up to remove the seat. 

4.  Use a flathead screwdriver to turn the screw to open the cover and lift the cover and slide forward to remove.

5. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery with a 13mm wrench, to prevent arcing. 

6. If equipped, remove the accessory hood rack and set aside. 

7. Remove the grill by turning each stud one-quarter of a turn to release the grill.

8. Pull the top of the grill forward and then lift up to remove the grill.

9. Unhook the rubber straps for the hood and lift up the hood to remove. 

10. If the vehicle is equipped with a front camera, disconnect the camera harness with a flathead screwdriver.

11. Remove the two push-pin rivets from the front of the underhood liner.

12. Lift the front panel of the underhood liner to access the area beneath.

13. Open the left front door and open the tip-out windshield, if equipped. Support the weight of the windshield while using the appropriate tool and release the clip at the lower end of the gas spring. Caution: Use care when releasing the clip. The clip may spring away from the fitting and may strike objects or become lost. 

14. Remove the three screws from the inner side of the sail panel with an 11mm socket and T30 TORX® socket.

15. Remove the push-pin rivet from the outer sail panel with a multi-function pliers, and remove the sail panel by turning and pulling it outward. 

16. To remove the front left fender, start by removing and retaining the two push-pins rivets from the rear edge of the front fender with a flathead screwdriver. 

17. Remove and retain the two push-pin rivets from the top of the front fender.

18. Remove two screws from the front fender with a T30 TORX® and T40 TORX®. Tip: If equipped, disconnect the front wiper fluid line.

19. Pull the fender outward to disengage the upper tabs.

20. Turn the fender and lift to disengage the lower tab and now remove the fender. 

21. Remove the two 4500 Pro HD winch connectors from the winch harness with a flathead screwdriver.

22. Remove the 4500 Pro HD winch negative cable from the chassis with a 13mm socket. 

23. Remove the 4500 Pro HD winch positive cable from the chassis with a 10mm socket.

24. Remove all the factory fir connectors from the frame leading to the winch. 

25. If your vehicle has accessories added, be sure to disconnect all connectors at this time.

26. Remove the push-pin harness clip from the inside upper left mounting bracket with a pry tool. 

27. With a 6mm socket, remove and retain the two screws from the lower mounting holes. 

28. Remove and retain the screw and nut from each upper mount with a 15mm socket and 15mm wrench.

29. Remove and retain the two screws and two nuts from each middle mounting point. 

30. Remove and retain two screws and two nuts from the top plate of the HD front bumper. 

31. Remove the hood rack lower bolts with an 8mm ball end Allen socket.

32. Remove the HD front bumper by pulling away from the vehicle and carefully set it aside. 

33. Remove the four screws from the 4500 Pro HD winch with an 8mm Allen socket.

34. Disconnect all harness connections, and remove the 4500 Pro HD winch by lifting upward and pulling outward.

35. Install the grate to the HD front bumper with a T45 TORX® socket using nine screws. 

36. Remove the top plate of the HD front bumper by removing four screws with a T45 TORX® and lifting up and pulling outward. 

37. Install the HD front bumper onto the vehicle. The middle and upper mounting points should line up with the frame.

38. Slide the middle mounting point into the bracket in the vehicle frame.

39. The upper mounting point will wrap around the left and right sides of the bracket on the vehicle frame. 

40. Loosely install four screws and four nuts to secure the middle mounting points.

41. Loosely install two screws and two nuts to secure the upper mounting points.

42. Loosely install two screws in the lower mounting holes. 

43. Reinstall the accessory hood rack, if equipped.

44. Torque all screws to specification. Torque middle, lower and upper mounting screws to 30 ft-lbs (40 Nm), and torque grate screws to 79 in-lbs (9 Nm).

45. Set the winch assembly on top of the HD front bumper and route the harness through the HD bumper above the frame. 

46. Loosely install the winch assembly to the accessory bumper using the four retained screws. Do not torque at this time.

47. Make sure the harness is not pinched anywhere between the winch and the frame. Torque to 59 ft-lbs (80 Nm).

48. Install the push-pin harness clip into the upper left mounting bracket. 

49. Route the winch harness up the frame tube and install cable tie clips onto the frame.

50. Route the harness across the top of the core support, and install cable clip ties into the core support. 

51. Continue to route the harness along the top of the core support, and install cable clip ties into the core support.

52. Locate the outer grommet in the upper tray, and insert the end of the harness with the power cable and multiple connectors through the grommet.

53. Remove the boot from the positive connector, and move it out of the way to access the nut.

54. Remove and retain the nut from the positive Pulse bar terminal ring. 

55. Install the terminal ring end of the positive cable to the Pulse bar stud and attach with the retained nut. Torque to 97 in-lbs (11 Nm).

56. Reinstall the rubber boot onto the positive terminal post.

57. Remove and retain the screw from the negative terminal connection. Install the negative end so the center hole lines up, and it is 90 degrees off from the already present terminal. Attach it with the retained screw, and torque to 97 in-lbs (11 Nm).

58. Disconnect the 4500 winch harness connectors and remove. 

59. Remove the 4500 winch auto stop box.

60. Install the 6000 Pro HD winch auto stop box to the mounting holes and attach with four screws. Tighten screws until fully seated with a T30 TORX®.

61. Install the 6000 Pro HD winch harness. 

62. Plug the harness connectors into their corresponding connections.

63. Reconnect any existing accessory wires that were unplugged.

64. To reinstall the front left fender, turn and lower the fender to engage the lower tab. 

65. Push the fender inward to engage the upper tabs.

66. Install two screws in the front fender. Torque to specification: rear to 22 in-lbs (2.5 Nm) and front to 27 in-lbs (3 Nm).

67. Install two push-pin rivets in the top of the front fender.  

68. Install two push-pin rivets in the rear edge of the front fender.

69. Install a push-pin rivet in the backside of the left fender panel. 

70. To reinstall the left sail panel, push the front edge of the outer sail panel inward and turn toward the rear.

71. Attach using the three screws. If you have side mirrors, torque to 42 in-lbs (4.7 Nm), and torque to 22 in-lbs (2.5 Nm) if you do not have side mirrors. 

72. Attach the shock arm to the ball and stud for the tip-out windshield and now close.

73. Reconnect the front camera connection, if equipped.

74. Install the two push-pin rivets from the underhood liner.

75. Reinstall the hood by putting the tabs through the openings in the under-hood liner, and lower the hood into position. 

76. Pull the rubber straps down over the hooks to secure the hood.

77. Put the tabs on the grill through openings in the front fascia, and push the top of the grill into proper position. 

78. Push each stud in and turn one-quarter turn clockwise to secure the grill.

79. Reinstall the hood rack, if equipped, by securing the four latches.

80. Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery with a 13mm wrench. 

81. Push the battery cover rearward and lower it into place. Turn the screw to close the cover.

82. Put the seat in place and push rearward to engage the seat. Lower the front of the seat into place and install the two retained screws at the front of the seat base. Torque to 13 ft-lbs (18 Nm).

83. Choose the location to install the remote-control holder by marking two pilot holes. Use a 1/8th inch drill bit.

84. Attach the remote-control holder to the dashboard using two screws. Tighten until fully seated with a T25 TORX®, and place the remote-control into the holder. 

85. Test the operation of the 6000 Pro HD winch.

View the instructions for this kit by searching the Polaris Accessory Installation Instruction Site.
For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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