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RIDE COMMAND+ for Off-Road Vehicles

RIDE COMMAND+ delivers all the great features of RIDE COMMAND with a whole new level of connectivity, including remote vehicle location services, vehicle health monitoring and more. 

RIDE COMMAND+ is a subscription-based service. When you purchase a new vehicle that comes with RIDE COMMAND+, you receive a complimentary 3-year subscription to RIDE COMMAND+. If you purchase the RIDE COMMAND+ Plug-In as an accessory, you receive a complimentary 1-year subscription. At the end of the complimentary period, RIDE COMMAND+ must be renewed on a yearly basis.

Highlighted Features

  • Over the Air Updates: RIDE COMMAND+ features Over the Air (OTA) update capabilities. Since the vehicle's Plug-In device is connected to the cellular network, OTA updates automatically push new features, improved functions and bug fixes to the RIDE COMMAND+ technology. OTA updates occur seamlessly, without the need to download, refresh or take any actions to activate an update. RIDE COMMAND+ OTA updates do not apply to the vehicle's display, if equipped.
  • Remote Health & Issue Diagnosis: Check the health of your vehicle. Remotely monitor fuel levels, oil change status, battery life and range on electric vehicles and more. If something does go wrong, Issue Diagnostics gives more specific information on issues with your vehicle. 
  • Remote Vehicle Locator: Pinpoint where your vehicle is, on or off your property. Vehicle Locator gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle is right where you left it and ready to go.
  • Bump Alert (coming soon via OTA update): Sends you a notification if your vehicle has been bumped or moved from its last location and allows you to track it.
  • Ride Tracking+ and Group Ride+ (coming soon via OTA update): Track your ride as soon as you key on your vehicle with Ride Tracking+. Stay together with the other riders you're riding with, even when they're out of sight: Group Ride+ shows everyone on the map.

Ride Command+ Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does RIDE COMMAND+ work?


Where can I find instructions on using RIDE COMMAND+?


What vehicles are compatible with RIDE COMMAND+?


Do I need the 7" in-vehicle display to use RIDE COMMAND+?


How do I renew RIDE COMMAND+?


How do I access RIDE COMMAND+ features if my vehicle didn't come with the Plug-In?


What do I need to access RIDE COMMAND+ features?


Do RIDE COMMAND+ features work if I don't have a cellular connection?


How many owners can be registered for a RIDE COMMAND+ vehicle?


How many vehicles can be in my RIDE COMMAND Garage?


Can the RIDE COMMAND+ Plug-In be swapped between vehicles I own?


Can RIDE COMMAND+ track my location and vehicle data even when I do not have a cellular connection?


If I no longer own my vehicle, will the new owner have access to my RIDE COMMAND+ information?


How do I get help with RIDE COMMAND+?

Visit the RIDE COMMAND website to register your vehicle, update your software and learn more about RIDE COMMAND and RIDE COMMAND+.
Watch Off-Road Vehicle RIDE COMMAND tutorials for extra help.

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