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2021+ Sportsman 450 and 570 Lock & Ride Rear Audio Storage Box Installation

Required Tools and Supplies
10mm SocketDrill
13mm SocketPliers
T25 TORX® SocketHole Punch
T27 TORX® SocketHammer
10mm WrenchTrim Tool
13mm WrenchSide Cutters
RatchetSafety Glasses
Torque WrenchNitrile Gloves
1-Inch Drill BitShop Rags

    To learn more about tools, read the Tools and Fasteners Guide

    The Lock & Ride Rear Audio Storage Box is part number 2884856. For more information, view the installation instructions. The storage box requires installation of the Rear Power Harness. The harness is part number 2889070. For more information, view the installation instructions.

    Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when servicing your Polaris vehicle. To install the audio storage box on your model year 2021 and newer Sportsman 450 or Sportsman 570, follow these steps:

    1. Park the vehicle on a flat, level surface.

    2. Ensure it is in PARK, set the parking brake and remove the key.

    3. Release the rubber latch on both sides and open the front rack.

    4. Remove the black negative battery cable first with a 10mm socket and wrench to prevent arcing.

    5. Slide the positive boot back.

    6. Remove the positive battery cable with a 10mm socket and wrench. Reinstalling the fasteners into the battery posts will help prevent misplacement.

    7. Remove the front center cover. Lift up to release the lower tabs and pull forward to release the front retainers.

    8. Using a T25 TORX® socket, remove and retain the four headlight pod trim fasteners.

    9. Pull out the front portion of the pod to remove.

    10. Remove the switch plug cover from the rear headlight pod.

    11. Lift on the rear of the seat and pull back to remove.

    12. Remove and retain the two push-pin rivets from the left-hand side panel with a pliers. Slide the panel back and pull out to remove.

    13. Using the push dart, secure the fuse block on the rear accessory power harness next to the fuse panel.

    14. Route the wire harness switch plug connector up along the main wire harness to the rear headlight pod.

    15. Connect the power switch and plug connector.

    16. Press the switch into the console until it clicks into place.

    17. Route the wire harness on the backside of the battery and along the left-hand side of the upper frame rail.

    18. Pass the harness behind the body panel and continue routing along the frame rail toward the left rear wheel well.

    19. Route the power harness connector under the rear frame rail.

    20. Align the provided bracket with the two mounting holes on the vehicle frame in the wheel well. Then secure with the two provided fasteners and two nuts. Use a 13mm socket and wrench to counter-hold the nuts and torque to 13 ft-lbs (17 Nm).

    21. Align the connector with the mounting holes on the bracket and secure with the two fasteners. Torque the fasteners to 76 in-lbs (8 Nm) with a T27 TORX® socket. Note that the auxiliary power switch will provide power to this connector, not the rear audio storage.

    22. Remove the nut from the anchor shaft assembly and remove the washer and two bumpers.

    23. Insert the Lock & Ride anchor handle, shaft assembly and washer into the pre-drilled holes inside the rear storage box.

    24. Install the anchor plastic bushing, rubber bushing, washer and nut onto the shaft assembly.

    25. Repeat this process for the remaining anchors.

    26. Once installed, use a 13mm socket to tighten the nuts to the desired tension.

    27. With the anchors in the unlocked vertical position, align the mounting holes on the rear rack with the four anchors. Place the rear storage box on the rear rack.

    28. Once in place, secure the storage box by rotating the anchor handles into the locked position.

    29. Mark out the center of the location on the rear cab as shown in the kit instructions, using a hole punch and hammer.

    30. Ensure the area behind the witness mark on the bulkhead is clear of any parts or components to prevent damage.

    31. Continue by drilling a hole in the marked area with a 1-inch drill bit.

    32. Insert the wire harness connector through the hole and install the grommet into the hole. A trim tool may be used to assist grommet installation.

    33. Disconnect the cap on the power harness.

    34. Connect the wire harness connector from the audio box with the rear accessory power harness connector.

    35. Locate the key-on power connectors on the main harness.

    36. If the key-on power connectors are both in use, disconnect one of the connectors from the main harness and connect it to the rear harness.

    37. Connect the rear harness to the key-on power connector on the main harness.

    38. Connect the positive harness and all battery cables to the battery first to prevent arcing.

    39. Torque the positive cable to 60 in-lbs (6 Nm).

    40. Before continuing, slide the protector boot over the positive cable.

    41. Connect the negative harness and all negative battery cables to the battery.

    42. Torque the negative cable to 60 in-lbs (6 Nm).

    43. Turn the vehicle to ON and ensure the storage box is working properly. When the battery is disconnected, the vehicle’s clock may need to be reset.

    • The audio box is ON when the rear accessory switch is turned on. 
    • To turn the box off, flip the rear accessory switch to the OFF position or turn off the vehicle.
    • The audio box is discoverable via Bluetooth® when the auxiliary power is turned on. 

    44. Before continuing, secure the accessory harness to the chassis harness, using the provided Panduit straps installed on the accessory harness.

    45. Align the retaining tabs on the left-hand side panel into place and secure with the retained push-pin rivets.

    46. Reinstall the seat by aligning the front retaining tabs, sliding the seat forward and pushing down in the rear to engage the seat grommet.

    47. Install the front portion of the headlight pod with the four previously removed fasteners. Torque the fasteners to 10 in-lbs (1 Nm).

    48. Align the front retaining tabs on the trim cover and push down to engage the lower tabs.

    49. Close the front rack and secure the rubber latches on both sides.

    For more information or to order accessories, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
    Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications for your ATV can be found in your Owner's Manual.
    To find diagrams and replacement part numbers for your ATV, use the online parts catalog.

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