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2021+ Sportsman 450 and 570 Glacier Pro Plow Installation

Required Tools and Supplies
13mm SocketAdjustable Wrench
15mm SocketPliers
17mm SocketRatchet
19mm SocketSafety Glasses
19mm WrenchNitrile Gloves

    To learn more about tools, read the Tools and Fasteners Guide

    The Plow Mount Kit is part number 2881424. The Glacier Pro Poly Plow (66-inch) Kit is part number 2880269. The Glacier Pro ATV Plow Frame Kit is part number 2879630. Before installing any accessories, ensure the vehicle is parked on a flat, level surface. Put the vehicle in park, set the parking brake and remove the key. 

    Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when servicing your Polaris vehicle.

    To assemble and install the Glacier Pro Plow on your model year 2021 and newer Sportsman 450 or Sportsman 570, follow these steps:

    1. Remove the cotter pin and clevis pin from the main frame with a pliers. 

    2. Position the main frame to the center of the plow pivot, and insert the clevis pin through the top.

    3. Insert the cotter pin, and fold both ends with a pliers so that it cannot be removed.

    4. Use pliers to remove the cotter pin from the clevis on the side of the frame and remove the clevis.

    5. With a pliers, remove the cotter pin from the clevis on the plow pivot and remove the clevis.

    6. Align the rear of the manual angle mechanism with the hole in the side of the frame, and insert the clevis pin in from the top.

    7. Insert the cotter pin, and fold both ends with a pliers so that it cannot be removed.

    8. Align the other end of the mechanism with the plow pivot and locking bar, and insert the clevis pin.

    9. Insert the cotter pin, and fold both ends with a pliers so that it cannot be removed.

    10. Place the plow blade face down against the ground, and position the plow pivot at the center of the blade.

    11. Insert the flange sleeves on each side from the outside into the holes of the plow.

    12. Insert the bolts from the outside into the sleeve on each side and attach the self-locking nuts. 

    13. With a 19mm socket and wrench, counter-hold the nuts and tighten the fasteners until fully seated. 

    14. Hook one end of the plow spring to the blade’s upper holes and fix the other end to the plow pivot using an eye bolt and locking nut.

    15. Repeat this process on the other side. 

    16. Tighten the nuts with a 13mm socket to remove the slack. 

    17. Remove the cotter pins and roll pins from the plow frame with a pliers. 

    18. Align the front of the plow mount with the rear of the frame. 

    19. Insert a spacer between the mount and inner frame bracket and slide a roll pin in from the outside to join the assembly. The longer pin should be inserted into the right side. 

    20. Secure the roll pin with a cotter pin. The right pin should be placed in the hole closest to the frame.

    21. Before continuing, repeat this process on the other side. 

    22. Fold both ends of the cotter pins so that they cannot be removed.

    23. Insert the lift handle through the bottom of the frame and install the fasteners. Tighten the fasteners with a 15mm socket until fully seated.

    24. Insert the winch link into the frame behind the plow pivot, and thread on the fastener. 

    25. Align the front hooks on the plow mount with the frame of the vehicle.

    26. Ensure the hooks on the mount are in place on both sides of the crossbar.

    27. Turn the winch to neutral and release the winch cable and hook.

    28. Before continuing, ensure the locking handle is pulled up to the unlocked position.

    29. Attach the winch to the plow.

    30. Once the hook is attached, re-engage the winch gear. On rapid rope recovery winches, always use low gear.

    31. Reinsert the key and turn the power on.

    32. Lift the plow assembly, using the winch, until you hear the plow click into place on the ATV frame.

    33. Continue to lift the plow up until the hook is nearly tight to the fairlead. This is the maximum height that the winch can lift the plow.

    34. With a 13mm wrench, tighten the nut on the winch link until the plow frame nearly contacts the plow mount. This contact point prevents the plow from rotating higher during use.

    35. Check the winch hook and pivot contact point again to ensure that the winch does not attempt to lift the plow beyond its maximum intended travel.

    36. Firmly press the locking handle down to lock the plow in place on the ATV frame.

    37. To adjust the angle of the plow so it levers or pushes to the side, lift the plow up with the winch to clear the ground.  

    38. Continue by pulling the angle lever backwards and pivoting the plow to the desired angle.

    39. Release the lever, and the plow will lock itself in place at the predetermined angle on either side.

    40. Loosen the nuts on the adjustable plow stoppers with a 17mm socket.

    41. Use an adjustable wrench to rotate the stopper to one of the four positions to adjust the aggressiveness of the plow.

    42. Once the desired setting is achieved, tighten the nuts until fully seated.

    43. The plow is designed to trip forward when it hits a solid object. When the pressure on the plow is released, it will return to its original position by itself.

    44. The plow springs may be set stiffer by tightening the self-locking nuts at the ends of the eye bolts.

    45. Loosening the nuts will release tension in the springs.

    46. To adjust the height of the blade’s skid shoes, remove the pin from the stem and raise or lower the shoe.

    47. Once at the desired height, reinsert the pin into the shoe stem.

    48. To unlock and remove the plow assembly, begin by lowering the plow to the ground, using the winch, and continue until there is enough slack on the cable to disconnect it from the plow.

    49. Continue by pulling in any slack from the winch cable.

    50. Lift up on the locking handle to unlock the plow.

    51. Pull the locking handle forward while holding the lift handle on the frame to release the plow from the vehicle.

    For more information or to order accessories, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
    Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications for your ATV can be found in your Owner's Manual.
    To find diagrams and replacement part numbers for your ATV, use the online parts catalog.

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