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Evan Duadt

ISOC (International Series of Champions)

Hometown: Remer, Minnesota
Race Sled: 600R
Career Start: 2009

Evan started racing at 13 after many years of watching Levi LaVallee. He races because of the adrenaline rush and fierce competition, to put on a show for fans, and the opportunity to share his faith. Snocross has helped him grow as a person by teaching him to be confident yet humble, to have faith when things don’t go the way he planned, and the importance of putting your whole heart into something. Levi LaVallee has been an irreplaceable mentor to Evan because of his attitude toward fans and his confidence as he approaches each situation. Evan plans to compete for as long as he can. Then, he would like to become a speaker to share his story of how God has worked in his life and encourage others in their faith. He also likes to ride dirt bikes and hang out with friends. He also loves to wrote poetry and has a severe chocolate milk addiction.

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