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DYNAMIX - The Most Advanced Suspension on Snow

The Most Advanced Suspension on Snow

High speed sweepers, tight twisty trails, fresh groomer, or that whooped out Sunday trail – DYNAMIX redefines what’s possible on the trails. DYNAMIX suspension is built to work with you, continuously adjusting all four electronic shocks to maintain complete vehicle composure through any trail condition. The smartest suspension on the snow enables you to ride faster, ride harder, and ride in comfort – all at the same time.

Unrivaled Control

DYNAMIX is the only system on snow with control of all four shocks, as well as key vehicle inputs, to smooth out the whoops and flatten any corner on the trail. The unique control of the front track shock enables control of vehicle pitch and balance, unlocking the next level rider confidence and trail handling. This technology is proven on the RZR off-road vehicle platform and refined for snow applications to deliver the ultimate riding experience.


The brain of DYNAMIX is the patented IMU – Inertial Measurement Unit – that senses what the vehicle is actually doing. Every movement from cornering to acceleration to airborne is captured and understood by the IMU, which then dictates shock position and compression to deliver the best trail handling on the snow.


Through the complete control of the DYNAMIX system, the suspension modes feature a wide range of capability, enabling the system to maintain bottom out prevention in Comfort and smooth out trail chatter in Extreme.

Industry-Leading Technology

DYNAMIX is fully integrated with the 7S Display powered by RIDE COMMAND. Easily track the stiffness of all four shocks, suspension mode, accelerometer, and more from your snowmobile's display.

Levi LaVallee on DYNAMIX

“DYNAMIX is next level for trail performance. It’s so impressive how you can hammer through the chatter and not feel it as much as you would with other suspension set-ups. Plus, it just makes you a more confident rider whether you’re cornering or hitting the jumps.”

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