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Snowmobiles for Beginners

Entry-level snowmobiles evolved for new trail & mountain snowmobilers of all ages with enhanced safety features, electric start, speed limiting, and the legendary handling & reliability you've come to expect from Polaris.

New Rider Sled Lineup

Riders of all ages can experience the legendary fun and adventure on a Polaris Snowmobile. These beginner snowmobiles are perfect for anyone looking to try out snowmobiling for the first time or to improve their riding technique. Ride the trails or take on the mountain with the EVO lineup of starter sleds.

Resources for New Snowmobilers

Check out these helpful snowmobile resources to ensure your new rider has a safe and fun-filled ride.

Snowmobile Riding Tips

Improve your riding technique on trails, backcountry, and mountains, as well as learn how to get your sled unstuck and adapt to changing snow conditions while on the move.

Tips for Staying Warm & Dry

No one likes being cold & wet, especially when you're miles down a trail without a warming hut in sight. This article will help educate you about the dos and don'ts of winter riding attire.