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2019+ INDY EVO and 2020+ RMK EVO Overview

Polaris offers sleds built specifically for new riders to all terrains. The INDY EVO is a trail-ready sled, and the RMK EVO is built for deep-snow use. With compact ergonomics and performance perfectly scaled to them, they are the perfect starter sleds for new riders. 

EVO sleds

Features and Specifications

  • Independent Front Suspension
  • Mountain Bar and Handlebar Hook (RMK EVO)
  • Polaris 550 Fan Engine
  • Speed controlled to 50 mph (accessory kits available to upgrade to a full-speed sled) 
  • Available with or without electric start
  • Easy-to-reach throttle
  • Customizable with accessories
  • Digital Speedometer and Rider Information Center
  • Hand and thumb warmers

INDY EVO chassis

EVO chassisEVO chassis

EVO sled components

EVO Chassis
The EVO sleds are lower and narrower than full-size sleds, which provides new or shorter riders more confident control. Lower seat and suspension height lowers center of gravity and enhances ride stability. The handlebars are narrow with a throttle flipper designed to be comfortably controlled by smaller hands. The rider position is moved farther forward for easy access to the handlebars and the new seat is more compact. 

For a full orientation of an EVO sled, see the video below. 

Accessory Upgrade Kits
Though the EVO sleds have a factory-set speed limit of 50 mph, the sleds can be upgraded to a full-speed sled with accessory kits. This allows your new snowmobile rider to gain confidence before adding performance to their sled. 

The INDY EVOlution Kit can be purchased to upgrade your INDY EVO. These kits include upgraded suspension assemblies, gears, throttle and electrical components to provide full speed, height and more suspension travel to your INDY EVO sled. For more information, view the INDY EVOlution Kit installation instructions

EVO specs

The RMK EVO Upgrade Kit is available to upgrade your deep snow sled to a full-speed sled. For more information, view the RMK EVO Upgrade Kit installation instructions

Rider Information Center
Similar to full-size Polaris snowmobiles, the INDY EVO features a Rider Information Center, located in the instrument cluster. The center displays vehicle speed, engine speed, odometer, two resettable trip meters, total engine hours of operation, fuel level, engine temperature and diagnostic display mode. Setting changes must be made with the engine running or with the vehicle powered by an external DC power supply connector. The information center is set to display standard units of measurement for distance and temperature. 

INDY EVO Rider Information Center

1. Information Display Area: This area displays either engine speed or vehicle speed (whichever is not displayed in the speed display), and maximum vehicle speed.

2. Speed Display: The speed display area displays either vehicle speed or engine speed.

3. Odometer/Engine Hour Display: This area displays the odometer, Trip A, Trip B and engine hours.

Starting the Engine


(1) Full choke

(2) Half choke

(3) Off

Caution: Engaging the starter when the engine is running WILL result in serious engine damage, especially if the transmission is in reverse. Never engage the starter when the engine is running.

1. Turn the fuel valve on.

2. Turn the key to the ON position. 

3. Pull the engine stop switch up to the RUN position.

4. If starting a cold engine, flip the choke toggle to FULL CHOKE. Do not use the choke if starting a warm engine. Do not depress the throttle until the engine starts. Caution: To avoid injury and/or engine damage, do not operate the electric starter or pull-rope starter while the engine is running. Don't pull the starter rope to the fully extended position and don't allow it to snap back into the housing. Damage may result. 

5. If equipped with electric start, turn the key to START to crank the engine. Release the key to the ON position when the engine starts.

6. If not equipped with electric start, grasp the starter handle and pull slowly until the recoil engages and then pull abruptly to crank the engine.

7. Repeat the cranking procedure as needed until the engine starts.

8. After the engine starts, flip the choke toggle to the OFF position. If the engine slows or wants to stop, use intermittent choking to the HALF CHOKE position.

9. Before turning the engine off, operate the choke intermittently to draw moisture out of the choke plunger area and reduce the possibility of the choke becoming frozen.

Stopping the Engine
Push down on the engine stop switch (1) to ground out the ignition and stop the engine quickly. Pull the switch up to the ON position to allow restarting.

engine stop switch

EVO Fueling
Always follow these recommended break-in procedures for new or rebuilt engines. The first tank of fuel is considered the break-in period for the engine. Premix the first tank of fuel and fill the oil bottle with the recommended oil. Oil added to the fuel and oil injection systems will provide the necessary engine lubrication.

When fueling your EVO for the first time, always premix fuel in 5-gallon (19-liter) increments in a separate fuel container. Never add oil directly to the fuel tank.

Each 5 gal. (19 L)16 oz. (473 mL)40:1

Drive with extra caution during the break-in period. Perform regular checks on fluid levels, lines, and all other important areas of the snowmobile.

The EVO engine is designed to run on 87 octane non-oxygenated or 89 octane oxygenated pump gasoline. There's a great deal of variability in the quality of the 87 octane gasoline available across the country, so use of premium fuel is encouraged when possible. Do not use fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol (including E85).

For more on specific maintenance procedures on an INDY EVO or RMK EVO, see the links below.

INDY EVO and RMK EVO Chaincase Fluid Replacement
INDY EVO and RMK EVO Drive Belt Inspection and Replacement
INDY EVO and RMK EVO Drive Chain Tension Adjustment
INDY EVO and RMK EVO Pre-Ride Inspection
INDY EVO and RMK EVO Skag Replacement
INDY EVO and RMK EVO Spark Plug Maintenance

Accessories are available to make the RMK EVO and INDY EVO yours, including underseat storage, racks and wrap kits for a customized look. A variety of windshields fit with the EVO sleds. To add a windshield to your EVO sled, shop the Accessories page and use the fitment tool at the top of the page to find a windshield that fits the EVO sled. Handlebar mirrors, handguards and handlebar gauntlets can also be added to INDY and EVO RMK sleds. View all available handlebar accessories

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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