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How to Prep and Install ArcticFX® Snowmobile Wraps

ArcticFX® Graphics offers snowmobile wraps designed specifically to match Polaris snowmobiles. This includes the AXYS and Matryx chassis, among others.

Purchasing Snowmobile Wraps and Accessories
Learn more about the snowmobile wraps or purchase them online. You can create your own or order a pre-made wrap made specifically for your Polaris snowmobile. Be sure to select the right snowmobile model when purchasing your sled wrap. 

Optional application kits can be purchased to aid in the wrap installation process. Note that sled wraps should be installed at room temperature, 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 26 degrees Celsius), for best results. 

Recommended Tools

  • AFX Application Kit. Can be purchased on and includes: 
    • 6-inch felt squeegee
    • 4-inch hard squeegee
    • Lil Chizzler (graphic removal tool)
    • AFX Adhesive Remover (Substitute: 3M® Adhesive and Wax Remover)
    • AFX Pre-Cleaner & Surface Prep Liquid (Substitute: 90-percent isopropyl alcohol)
    • AFX Pre-Cleaner & Application Fluid (Substitute: 70- to 90-percent isoproyl alcohol) 
  • Small utility blade (snap-off style recommended)
  • Paper towels (dye-free, lint-free)
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Application key (included). Application keys can be downloaded at under "Install Guides."

Before Installation 
Before you can apply your wrap to your Polaris snowmobile, you must remove factory graphics and ensure the body of the vehicle is clean. Unroll your graphics kit before starting graphic removal and sled cleaning. Inspect for any flaws and let sit for at least one hour. 

Proper cleaning, along with following the installation process, best ensures that your graphics kit lasts.

Removing Factory Graphics
Required tools: 

  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Graphic removal tool

1. Use heat to release the factory-installed graphics on your Polaris snowmobile. Use the back of your hand to feel the temperature of the sticker as you go, making sure to heat the sticker evenly and consistently. 

2. Use your chiseler or a finger nail to pry the first corner of the graphic up. Remove the graphic at a 90-degree angle, slowly and steadily. 

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all factory graphics have been removed from the snowmobile. 

More graphic and wrap removal tips can be found in the video below. 

Cleaning Your Snowmobile
Once you have removed the factory or previous graphics on your snowmobile, you must clean the sled to remove any leftover adhesive or residue that can affect the wrap application. 

1. Apply adhesive removal spray to areas with leftover graphic adhesive. Let sit for 30 to 45 seconds before scraping away residue with a soft squeegee. 

2. Use the prep spray or isopropyl alcohol to clean off oil, wax, silicone and other dirt that might be on your snowmobile. Spray over your snowmobile one panel at a time. Let the prep spray sit for 30 seconds before wiping the sled clean. DO NOT use any oil-based products to clean your snowmobile. These will leave an oily film behind and can interfere with graphic adhesion. 

3. Spray each snowmobile panel with the cleaner spray. Let the cleaner sit for 30 seconds before wiping the sled clean. If you used isopropyl alcohol in step 2, you can skip this step. 

4. Once the sled has been fully cleaned, let sit for an hour before installing wraps. This is also a good time to roll out your sled wrap, which needs to sit unrolled for an hour prior to installation. See the the next section for more information.

Applying Your Snowmobile Wrap
ArcticFX® offers detailed diagrams of wrap sections. Scroll down to the Polaris section and select the appropriate chassis and model for a detailed installation map.

To apply your snowmobile wrap, you will need the following tools.

  • Felt squeegee (included in application kit)
  • Hard squeegee (included in application kit) 
  • Utility knife

Polaris and ArcticFX® recommend a dry install. Do not use liquid on the vehicle after the cleaning and prep stage. Make sure your hands are clean of any dirt, lint, grease or oil before handling graphics. 

1. After letting your graphics sit unrolled for an hour, inspect your graphics for damage. 

2. Starting with the largest pieces first, lift a piece of the graphics kit off its backing. Hold the section above the area it is to be applied to, getting as close to the correct position as possible. 

3. Lightly adhere one corner of the graphic to the machine and rotate the opposite corner until the graphic is positioned properly. Lightly apply the opposite corner. 

4. If you are satisfied with the position of the graphic, run your thumb down the center of the graphic to adhere it, creating a hinge. If you are not satisfied with the position, remove the piece and retry. 

5. Lift one edge of the graphic up and pull back toward the hinge in the center of the graphic. 

6. While keeping the graphic off the machine with one hand, use the opposite hand to squeegee in up-and-down strokes across the graphic. Use the squeegee to complete the other half of the graphic piece. 

7. Continue steps 1 through 5 until all the pieces are applied, and then go over the entire graphics kit with a heat gun. Trim any excess or overhanging edges on the graphic and make sure to trim out and remove any graphics that cover your reflectors. 

8. Let your graphics sit for at least 6 hours to allow the adhesive time to cure. It is recommend that you let your snowmobile sit for 24 hours. 

For more installation tips and downloadable instructions, navigate to the ArcticFX® website

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