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Care & Maintenance November 23, 2022

How to Prepare for the Snowmobile Season

The new snowmobile season is right around the corner. Before you hit the trails this season, we want to make sure you’re geared up and ready for anything. To help you prepare, we got in touch with our Team Polaris Ambassadors to give you the inside scoop on their must-have gear, favorite winter prep activities, mandatory checklists and more!


When do you start prepping for the snow season?  


Getting out to the shop and going through your sled or prepping your new sled should be something everyone embraces. If you take the time now to go through your sleds, new or old, and check every inch of it, you are taking action. If you wait until you are in the parking lot or day one of a trip to find out you have a mechanical issue, you then have to react to the problem that could have potentially been remedied beforehand. Get your crew together on the weekend and inspect those sleds, the time is now. – Ken Passaretti


Pre-ordering gear and supplies for the coming season is a great way to ensure you’re ready for the snow. I like to get my gear orders sent off, stock up on Polaris oils and any spare parts I may need before October! - Kyle Smith



What are the most important things to check on your sled?


Whether you do it yourself or seek service from a professional, routine maintenance is essential for keeping a vehicle running properly. Track and manage your vehicle's routine maintenance through My Garage in your Polaris account.



  • Engine Oil
    • Fill to the recommended level
  • General Lubrication
    • All fittings, pivots, cables, etc.
  • Drive Belt
    • Inspect & adjust
  • Spark Plugs
    • Inspect
  • Check for Wear
    • Track, slider & carbides

*This schedule is for informational purposes only, refer to your owner's manual for your vehicle's specific maintenance schedule.

What is your favorite winter prep activity?


Being involved in a local snowmobile club is huge here as in many other areas and states. Clubs have so much to do to get ready for the season: maintenance and repairs on groomers and drags, getting all our signs and stakes in order to be put out on the trail, trail maintenance and repairs, holding fundraisers trying to raise money to support the expenses of the upcoming season, checking in with our gracious landowners that allow us to use their property season after season, and so much more.

All these things are done by volunteers which means they are just regular people, most with everyday jobs, who sacrifice their personal time for everyone to be able to have fun and safe trails to use all season. I would encourage each one of you to try and help your local club, or a club that you ride the most, even one day can make a huge difference.

Reach out to your local clubs and ask what you can do. There is so much to do to prepare for the season, all help is greatly appreciated! – Dan Noeth



What is your #1 tip for prepping for the season?


The ideal start to the riding season consists of physically getting into shape for the coming sled season. Ideally, this should be an all-year training event, but realistically very few of us have the time for that. However, getting physical exercise before the snow falls can be a game changer!

Getting yourself physically in shape for the upcoming season is arguably the best thing you can do to ride harder and get more enjoyment out of your sledding experience. Just imagine being at the top of the mountain, smiling and being able to carry on a conversation with your riding group rather than being exhausted. Something as simple as getting out for a few hikes, riding the bike or taking up summer water sports can make a world of difference when it comes time for sledding season. -Kyle Smith

What is your must-have gear?


I prepare for the season by making sure all my gear is working properly, specifically my avalanche gear I make sure to fully charge my avalanche bag, and then deploy it to ensure it’s working properly. I’ll clean out my avalanche pack and tunnel bag to make sure I have emergency supplies, fresh snacks, and the right tools in my tool roll.


I also make sure my beacon has fresh batteries in it, and it’s working properly. It’s also important that my new Klim gear fits well, and I have the gear I need for all riding conditions! I will make sure that my sled is set up the way I like it to be with ski width, storage bags, a spare belt, and that it’s properly oiled and fueled up. – Shelley Balls 



What are some tips for early season riding?


  • When riding off trail, know the snow conditions and depth. During early season riding, there is often treasures underneath the snow that you do not want to run into.
  • Get the most out of riding by preparing you mind and body. Being in physically good shape can help make that first trip out more enjoyable. And having a good mindset get the cobwebs off much quicker.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if your skills are a bit rusty! It may take a ride or two.
  • Be packed and prepared for mother nature.

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