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Miranda Hamlin


State: Minnesota

Snowmobile: 850 Indy VR1 137

Favorite Place to Ride: Untracked Snow surrounded by friends

Miranda took her first snowmobile ride as an infant and started riding trails with her parents as a toddler either two up or in a cutter. As Miranda got older, she started driving around her family’s country property in southern Minnesota. Miranda, her siblings, and family friends would go around and around the yard and field behind the house burning though as much fuel as possible, playing snowmobile tag, and occasionally pulling each other on a tube or sled. Miranda eventually was old enough to take snowmobile safety and able to hit the trails solo. Growing up around snowmobiles set the stage for a life-long passion. At the age of 17, trips to northern Wisconsin and Michigan opened the door to riding in more challenging off-trail terrain, and in 2012 Miranda started heading to the mountains.


Miranda is an avid rider of the mountains and the trails. She enjoys traveling and exploring new riding areas and meeting new friends and fellow riders to challenge her riding technique and style. Miranda is active in her local snowmobile club, the Tri-county Trail Blazers and a MNUSA member. When she isn’t snowmobiling or day-dreaming about riding, Miranda works as an Operations Manager at a local hospital.

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