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Stephanie Bettis


State: Wisconsin

Snowmobile: 650 Switchback Assault

Favorite Place to Ride: Northern Wisconsin

Stephanie is an avid trail rider and occasionally travels to the mountains for some backcountry riding. She has been riding for over 15 years. She grew up on a dairy farm where her uncle and brother had snowmobiles, they would ride in the fields and on the trails. Stephanie always would be asking them to take her with until she saved up enough money to buy her own. She then started tagging along with them and their friends and quickly became part of the group. At first, she was the only girl in the group but over the years more women have become interested in the sport of snowmobiling and have joined the group. Stephanie enjoys being a mentor to them and likes to help push the newbies out of their comfort zone to become better riders.

Stephanie is an active member in the Barnyard Trail Riders snowmobile club and knows the importance of appreciating the landowners and all the work every snowmobile club does to keep our trail system alive. A highlight of her winter is their annual club trip where 30+ members of all ages go up north for the weekend to ride together. Besides sharing her passion for Polaris snowmobiles and riding snowmobiles with her snowmobile club her favorite riding partner is her husband and they look forward to sharing the sport with their daughter as she gets older. When Stephanie isn’t riding on the twisty trails, she is a farm account and payroll specialist.

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